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Easing the Heat: Cyprus’ Plan for School Air Conditioning

Cyprus is swiftly moving to install air conditioning in all public schools, with plans to equip 650 schools with an average of 20 units each as part of a €45 million project. The initiative aims to address health and learning concerns due to high temperatures, with 200 units set to be installed by August and a total of 15,000 over three years.

education air conditioning

Cooling the Classroom: Cyprus’ Comprehensive AC Installation Strategy

Cyprus is investing €45 million to install air conditioners in schools, equipping 650 schools with an average of 20 units each, totaling around 15,000 ACs to combat high temperatures affecting learning conditions. The project, set to be completed within three years, marks a proactive approach by Education Minister Athena Michaelidou to create a more conducive learning environment amidst sweltering classroom temperatures.

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