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Deaf Dreams to Digital Realities

The Connect Deaf application by George and Dr. Alexandros Geratziotis in Cyprus empowers the deaf and hardofhearing community by bridging communication gaps with tools like the Sign Language Alphabet Keyboard Mobile Application, promoting inclusivity and equal access to technology and information. Their innovative approach not only revolutionizes digital conversations but also fosters a supportive online community, breaking down language barriers and advocating for a more inclusive society.

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Limassol’s Frederick University to host 2024 Youth Tech Fest

The Youth Tech Fest Cyprus 2024, hosted by Limassol’s Frederick University on April 20, 2024, promises an exciting lineup of interactive workshops and shows in Robotics, Gaming, Woodworking, and XR/VR to inspire innovation and creativity in youths. This event, coorganized with industry professionals and academics, aims to empower young minds and bridge the gender gap in technology through ESTEAM workshops like Girls Go Circular.

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Boosting Agricultural Efficiency Through Technology

The Council of Ministers is boosting agricultural efficiency through technology by approving a €25 million budget for digital enhancements in agriculture, part of the EU Recovery and Resilience Plan. This funding aims to modernize operations, streamline application processes digitally, and expand eligibility to cooperatives and beekeepers, fostering diverse agricultural practices and driving digital transformation within the sector.

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Famagusta Targets German Tourists

Famagusta is targeting German tourists by highlighting its attractions at ITB Berlin 2024, leveraging technology with a new mobile app for virtual tours. The Famagusta Tourism Board aims to position Cyprus as a top Mediterranean destination through global promotion efforts showcasing their diverse offerings in outdoor activities, gastronomy, and agritourism.

education reform

A New Chapter for Education: Michaelidou’s Vision for the Next School Year

Athena Michaelidou is leading a comprehensive educational reform for the next school year, focusing on creating a modern, inclusive system that develops diverse citizens with democratic values. Key strategies include overhauling secondary education assessment, implementing allday schools, enhancing vocational training, investing in technology, internationalizing higher education, and strengthening early childhood education and international collaboration.

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Cyprus Showcases Startup Ecosystem in Barcelona

Cyprus wowed at the “Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2024” with eight cuttingedge companies in sectors like biosensors and automation, positioning the island as a tech innovation hub. Led by Chief Scientist Demetris Skourides, the Cypriot delegation showcased local talent at a global tech event, attracting investors and collaborators to the Mediterranean region.

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Optimism in Cyprus’ Tourism and Technology Sectors

Cyprus is buzzing with optimism in its tourism and technology sectors. Despite economic challenges, the tourism industry, especially with German visitors, remains hopeful after positive engagements at the ITB Berlin exhibition. On the technology front, the Reflect Festival in Limassol is set to showcase over 200 vendors, fostering innovation across Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

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Beon Active Office Launch to Redefine Modern Workspaces

Beon Active Office, launching in 2024 in Paphos, Cyprus, is redefining modern workspaces by integrating technology and flexible design to enhance productivity and community. With a focus on sustainability and smart systems, Beon promises a dynamic environment that exceeds the traditional office experience, offering a holistic experience that fuses technology, design, and functionality.

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