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Education Minister Unveils Plans for a High-Tech Academic Future

The Education Minister Athena Michaelidou is transforming schools with a plan to revamp curriculum, integrate technology, and extend fullday schooling to prepare students for diverse careers. This ambitious blueprint emphasizes critical thinking and creativity, promising a future where education is a cradle of innovation for the youth in the Mediterranean.

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Strategic Alliance: FOX Estate Agency Joins Forces with IQI Global

The strategic alliance between FOX Estate Agency and IQI Global brings together local market expertise and global resources to enhance real estate services in Cyprus and beyond, marking a significant leap forward in the industry’s evolution. By combining advanced technology and international reach, FOX and IQI aim to deliver exceptional real estate experiences, broaden market presence, and elevate service quality, setting the stage for growth and innovation in the Cypriot real estate sector.

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Cyprus to host robot sports competition

The Minoan Robot Sports Competition Global Olympiad (MRC) is coming to Cyprus on June 2930, 2024, offering a platform for robot sports and challenges at the University of Cyprus Sports Centre. Joining forces with the Hellenic Educational Robotics Organisation, the event aims to ignite creativity in STEM education through thrilling competitions for participants of all ages.

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Cyprus Business Now

Cyprus is making strides in its economic landscape, with initiatives like Viva Technology participation and growth in ship management revenues. The financial legal framework is being reinforced, while tech advancements like QuadCode’s hackathon showcase the island’s innovation drive, with the Cyprus Stock Exchange showing positive trends.

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Navigating the Integration of Technology in Secondary Education

Cyprus is drafting legislation to regulate mobile phone use in secondary schools, with penalties for misuse that could include storing phones in lockers or switching them off during class to reduce distractions and misconduct. The education ministry seeks consistent enforcement of rules to maintain a positive educational environment and address concerns over the impact of mobile phones on students’ behavior and performance.

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TechIsland Summit Aims to Foster a Tech-Driven Future for Cyprus

The TechIsland Summit in Cyprus aims to propel the nation towards a techdriven future, positioning it as a regional tech hub and fostering innovation within its tech ecosystem. Through engaging panel discussions, keynotes on economic growth, and the introduction of the Mentors’ Hub for startup guidance, the summit will create a platform for strategic thinking and collaboration in the tech industry.

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Cyprus Business Now

Average apartment values across different districts in Cyprus vary, with Limassol leading at €208,220 and Famagusta at €105,182. The real estate market in Cyprus offers diverse investment opportunities, reflecting a dynamic property landscape with distinct regional characteristics.

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