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Tensions Rise with Gangland Violence in Nicosia

Gang violence in Nicosia, Cyprus, has escalated due to organized crime growth, with incidents like the public shooting in Lakatamia suburb highlighting the issue. Authorities are responding with increased surveillance, community programs, and international law enforcement collaboration to address the immediate crimes and underlying causes.

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Zahra Street Fight Suspects Allegedly Distributed Weapons

The brawl on Zahra Street in northern Nicosia escalated as suspects allegedly distributed golf clubs to fight participants, leading to the arrest and subsequent release on bail of 23 individuals, including four juveniles. Local authorities suspect organized crime involvement, raising concerns for the safety and cultural vibrancy of the area.

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Crime Openly Organised from Prison

Criminals in Cyprus central prisons are using contraband smartphones to coordinate crimes, including ordering hits from behind bars. Despite efforts to address this issue, technological advancements challenge authorities to intercept these communications effectively, highlighting the need for enhanced security measures.

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Coordinated Operation Leads to Major Drug Bust

In a coordinated operation by the Drug Law Enforcement Unit (DLEU), approximately 12 kilograms of cannabis, one kilogram of cocaine, and about 75,000 euros in cash suspected to be proceeds from the drug trade were seized. The operation disrupted a significant drug distribution network, and the DLEU is currently conducting ongoing investigations to track down the suspects and dismantle the network.

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Crackdown on Crime Being Organised from Prison

The fight against organized crime in prisons is intensifying, with increased searches for contraband mobile phones and efforts to implement cell phone signalblocking technology. The Ministry of Justice is also enhancing cooperation between police and prison authorities, expanding the independent intelligence service, and investing in antidrone systems to prevent contraband deliveries. These measures reflect a commitment to adapt, disrupt illicit communications, and prevent criminal activities being orchestrated from within prison facilities.

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