1) forensic investigation

fake diploma scandal conspiracy

North Police Chief Alleges Conspiracy Following Arrest

In the midst of the scandal surrounding fake diplomas, North Police Chief Baris Sel claims his recent arrest was a conspiracy against him. The scandal has led to multiple arrests within security forces, raising concerns about the integrity of educational qualifications and oversight mechanisms.

sports ethics

Investigating Alleged Match Manipulation in Cypriot Football

The investigation into alleged match manipulation in Cypriot football has uncovered concerns about up to seven games being improperly influenced between 2019 and the previous year. Police investigations are ongoing, and recommendations have been made to the Cyprus Football Association to strengthen their regulatory framework and uphold the integrity of the championship.

bombing investigation

Bomb Explodes in Paralimni

A bomb exploded outside a closed nightclub in Paralimni, shattering the glass front door around 2 AM. Authorities are investigating the incident, reviewing CCTV footage, and seeking witnesses, while the community rallies together in support and discusses enhanced security measures for the future.

crime community safety

Harrowing Home Invasion in Erimi Village

A terrifying home invasion occurred in Erimi Village, where a woman was tied and gagged by four hooded assailants demanding money. Fortunately, no losses were reported, and the woman was rescued by her housekeeper, receiving medical attention. Local authorities are actively investigating the incident to ensure community safety and apprehend the perpetrators.

crime forgery

Expanding the Investigation: The Paphos Document Forgery Case

The Paphos document forgery case centers around the production and circulation of fake European driving licenses and a counterfeit residence permit for Cyprus. Seven suspects, aged 21 to 44, have been arrested by the Paphos CID as part of the investigation, with authorities working to uncover the full extent of the forgery operation.

investigation document forgery

Update on Paphos Document Forgery Investigation

The Paphos document forgery investigation has led to five arrests, with authorities delving into a scheme involving forged driving licenses and a residency permit from various European countries and Cyprus. The operation continues to unravel, with law enforcement focused on identifying all individuals involved in this criminal endeavor.

money laundering investigation

Two Arrested for Money Laundering Freed

Two men arrested in Limassol for money laundering have been freed after their remand period expired. The suspects were released as their case files were sent for further review by the Legal Service, shedding light on the ongoing investigation into the alleged illicit activities involving a gallery and cashfilled envelopes.

scandal monastery

Scandal Shakes Cypriot Monastery to Its Core

The scandal rocking the Osiou Avvakoum monastery in Cyprus involves two monks caught with €800,000 and compromising footage, sparking a national debate on morality and transparency. President Nikos Christodoulides has pledged a thorough investigation to uphold justice and the rule of law, highlighting the gravity of the situation and the necessity for swift accountability.

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