1) forensic investigation

crime police

Swift Action Leads to Arrest in Nicosia Car Arson Incident

The swift action by Nicosia police resulted in the arrest of a 31yearold suspect following a deliberate car arson incident in the capital city of Cyprus. The suspect, a Nicosia resident, was apprehended swiftly after setting a vehicle on fire using flammable material, showcasing the efficiency and dedication of the authorities to ensure public safety and uphold justice.

gas leak investigation

Engomi Explosion Linked to Gas Leak

The Engomi explosion, caused by a gas leak, shattered the peace in Nicosia, with an 18yearold girl critically injured in the blast. Investigations are ongoing to determine the exact cause and any potential neglect or criminal offenses.

police response investigation

Suspicious Device Discovered in Larnaca Vehicle

The discovery of an improvised explosive device in a car during a routine check in Larnaca has shaken the community. The police acted swiftly to secure the area, neutralize the device, and launch investigations to uncover motives and identify the perpetrator, urging residents to stay vigilant in the face of potential threats.

crime theft

Three Suspects Detained for Paphos Church Thefts

In Paphos, three suspects have been arrested in connection to a series of 13 church thefts over 22 days, including a 16yearold. The police are investigating to recover stolen money and religious artifacts, while the community is focused on improving security at these sacred sites.

explosion emergency response

Two in Hospital After Explosion in Engomi

An explosion in Engomi left two individuals hospitalized and caused extensive damage to a threestory building. The fire brigade suspects a sudden loss of gas supply as the likely cause, prompting a thorough investigation to determine the exact reasons behind the event.

investigation integrity

No Conflict of Interest: Cypriot Lawyers in Anastasiades Case

Cyprus is ensuring a fair investigation against former President Anastasiades by appointing a conflictfree team, including three impartial Cypriot lawyers and international legal expert Gabrielle McIntyre. This team will scrutinize corruption allegations, maintaining transparency and upholding due process throughout the investigation.

corruption investigation

Anastasiades will refute ‘slanderous lies one by one’

Anastasiades is ready to take on corruption allegations in Cyprus detailed in the book “Mafia State,” appointing Gabrielle Louise McIntyre to ensure a thorough inquiry. Through McIntyre’s expertise in international legal proceedings, the anticorruption authority will delve into the claims, dismantling what Anastasiades calls ‘slanderous lies’ one by one.

crime drug bust

Second Paphos Man Arrested in Significant Drug Bust

In a significant drug bust in Paphos, a 29yearold man was arrested, marking the second individual apprehended in connection with a largescale narcotics operation. Police discovered 1.114 kilograms of cannabis thrown on a rooftop during a chase, along with 12 kilograms of cannabis, one kilogram of cocaine, and €75,000 in cash at the suspect’s residence, highlighting the challenge of drug trafficking in local communities.

bribery student housing

Calls for Probe into Bribery Claims at UCy

The University of Cyprus (UCy) is facing allegations of bribery, with claims that developers may have delayed oncampus student housing to benefit private landlords. The rector denies the claims, but the controversy highlights the university’s struggle to provide affordable student accommodations amid rising rental prices.

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