1) forensic investigation

education fraud

North begins investigation into fraudulent college

Yodak and Turkish Cypriot police are investigating the Cyprus Massachusetts Centre of Innovation for issuing fake student visas, aiming to protect the integrity of education and locate missing students. This inquiry seeks to ensure educational institutions are not involved in illegal activities, maintaining the quality of higher education in the region.

scandal monastery

Emergency Meeting Over Alleged Misconduct at Monastery

The emergency meeting regarding alleged misconduct at the Osiou Avvakoum monastery has sent shockwaves through the serene village of Fterikoudi, with two monks implicated in possessing a large sum of money and questionable recordings. The scandal has prompted an urgent investigation into the monastery’s finances and spurred discussions on ethical behavior and consequences within the religious community.

investigation cyprus shooting sport federation

Investigation Underway at Cyprus Shooting Sport Federation

A police investigation is underway at the Cyprus Shooting Sport Federation following reports of potential criminal activities involving 31 individuals. The Attorney General has called for an inquiry based on findings by the sports and ethics protection committee, signaling a tough stance against misconduct in sports organizations.

money laundering custody

Woman Accused of Money Laundering Remanded (Update 2)

A Ukrainian woman in Cyprus is facing 60 charges of money laundering after transferring €8 million to the country, far exceeding typical declarations. She has been remanded into custody until April 17, with the case under intense investigation by the antimoney laundering unit, Mokas, unraveling a web of suspicious activities.

crime investigation

Police Search for Attackers of Chlorakas Couple

The attack on a Chlorakas couple in Paphos left the community shocked as the husband was assaulted with a metal object by a masked intruder, while the wife was attacked upon returning home, despite no valuables being stolen. The police are investigating the incident, increasing patrols and urging public assistance to ensure the safety of the neighborhood.

religious community scandal

Scandal Shocks Religious Community

The Osiou Avvakoum monastery scandal involving monks hoarding €800,000 and jewels, as well as facing sexual misconduct allegations, has deeply shocked the religious community. The Holy Synod swiftly responded by closing the monastery, demanding explanations from the monks, and potentially taking legal actions as the investigation progresses.

crime investigation

Bomb goes off in Strovolos

In the early morning in Strovolos, a suburb of Nicosia, a bomb exploded in a parking space, causing damage but no injuries. Authorities are investigating the incident and seeking public assistance to identify those responsible.

investigation cover-up

Investigator Alleges Lies, Cover-Up in Nicolaou’s Case

In the Nicolaou case, investigator Savvas Matsas accuses the original autopsy report of containing lies and concealing crucial details, hinting at a potential coverup. Nicolaou’s death, initially ruled a suicide, now raises suspicions of murder due to conflicting reports and unexplained injuries, shedding light on possible military drug connections and the quest for truth by his family.

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