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All possibilities for solving Cyprus problem to be exhausted

The UN, under the leadership of SecretaryGeneral Antonio Guterres, is actively pursuing negotiations to address the Cyprus problem, based on UN Security Council resolutions. Guterres is meticulously reviewing proposals to rekindle dialogue between Greek and Turkish Cypriots, supported by international diplomatic efforts, leaving no avenue unexplored.

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Engaging the British-Cypriot Community: North London’s Election Battleground

The BritishCypriot community in North London holds significant sway in key constituencies like Chipping Barnet and SouthgateWood Green, prompting candidates to actively seek their support. Issues of a united Cyprus, local concerns such as crime and NHS services, and promises of a more engaged government in the Cyprus resolution process are at the forefront of political discourse in these areas.

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The Significance of the Cyprus Problem in EU Politics

The Cyprus problem is a significant geopolitical issue in EU politics, with the European People’s Party (EPP) listing it among their top priorities and supporting UNled efforts for reunification. President Christodoulides’ strategic meetings in Brussels highlighted EU commitment to resolving the Cyprus problem and addressing regional tensions in the Middle East, showcasing growing awareness and support for the issue.

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Diplomatic Tensions Rise Over Cyprus Unification Talks

The dispute between Turkish Cypriot leaders Ersin Tatar and Mustafa Akinci in Cyprus unification talks centers on their differing views on the island’s political future – one advocating for a twostate solution and the other for reunification under a federal system. The tensions highlight the longstanding complexities of the Cyprus problem, with regional and international implications for sovereignty, stability, and power dynamics.

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Borrell discusses Cyprus problem with Holguin

High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs, Josep Borrell, and UN Secretary General’s Personal Envoy on Cyprus, Maria Holguin, recently discussed the Cyprus problem, emphasizing the EU’s support for finding a lasting solution to the region’s complex history of division. The upcoming visits and diplomatic efforts aim to rekindle negotiations and potentially pave the way for reunification talks, with the EU playing a crucial role in mediating discussions and promoting stability in the region.

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A Pivotal Moment for Cyprus: The Diplomatic Efforts Intensify

Cyprus is at a pivotal moment with intensified diplomatic efforts, including the anticipated return of UN envoy Maria Angela Holguin after talks in Germany, France, Brussels, and Turkey. With Greek Prime Minister meeting Turkish President, Cypriot government sending a message of peace to Turkey, and discussions on regional stability with the European Council, hope is high for a peaceful and constructive future.

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Strengthening Ties: Cyprus and Andorra Reaffirm Relations

In a recent diplomatic meeting between Annita Demetriou of Cyprus and Andorra’s Imma Tor Faus, the focus was on reaffirming relations, addressing the Cyprus problem, rejecting Turkey’s ‘twostate’ solution, dealing with migration challenges, and enhancing cooperation in regional stability and parliamentary exchanges. The discussions highlighted the shared principles and challenges faced by the two small states, emphasizing the importance of unity and collaboration on international issues.

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High-Level Diplomacy: Christodoulides Engages with Global Leaders

President Christodoulides engaged in highlevel diplomacy during a critical summit in Brussels, discussing the Cyprus problem with UN SecretaryGeneral Antonio Guterres. The focus was on future initiatives to resolve the longstanding political division, showcasing Cyprus’s proactive approach to seeking sustainable solutions on the international stage.

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