Pilakoutas Group Supports ‘Race for the Cure Cyprus’ for Third Year Running

breast cancer awareness race for the cure

The Pilakoutas Group has been a Gold Sponsor of ‘Race for the Cure Cyprus’ for three years, demonstrating their commitment to raising awareness and support for breast cancer. The event is Europe’s largest women’s health sports event and aims to combat breast cancer through early diagnosis, research, and advocacy.

What is Pilakoutas Group’s involvement in ‘Race for the Cure Cyprus’?

The Pilakoutas Group has shown its support for ‘Race for the Cure Cyprus’ for three consecutive years. As part of its corporate social responsibility, the Group acts as the Gold Sponsor of the event, which is Europe’s largest women’s health sports event. The race aims to raise awareness and support for breast cancer, and the Pilakoutas Group’s involvement signifies their commitment towards combating this disease.

For the third continuous year, the Pilakoutas Group is showing its commitment and backing to “Race for the Cure Cyprus.” This event is a well-organized effort by Europa Donna Cyprus, a non-governmental organization dedicated to raising breast cancer awareness and offering support.

Announcing the 2023 Edition of the Race

The announcement for the island’s 2023 edition of Race for the Cure, Europe’s largest women’s health sports event, was made at a press conference. This conference was held at Char. Pilakoutas Heritage on November 3, 2023. As a significant part of its Corporate Social Responsibility, the Pilakoutas Group is taking a stand against breast cancer, supporting this cause as the Gold Sponsor of the event.

Pilakoutas Group and Its Consistent Support

Klelia Pilakouta Christoforou, the Pilakoutas Group Head of Business Development, emphasized the Group’s eight-year support to Europa Donna Cyprus. In her address, she expressed that supporting actions like the Race for Cure Cyprus strengthens the collective commitment towards a better tomorrow.

She further stated that the Group is moving forward along with Europa Donna Cyprus, advocating for comprehensive and affordable support for those dealing with this disease. She also mentioned the importance of promoting a culture of awareness that encourages individuals to take responsibility for their health.

About the Origin and Impact of the Race

Mary Theocharous Perdiou, President of the Europa Donna Cyprus Board of Directors, discussed the origin of the Race for the Cure. She highlighted how worldwide participation empowers their NGO to ensure quality of life and eliminate discrimination against cancer patients.

Europa Donna Cyprus CEO, Marios Charalambides, noted that the Race for the Cure Cyprus is among the top initiatives of the NGO. He thanked the Pilakoutas Group for their significant support over the years. He also emphasized the importance of exercise as a fundamental means of primary cancer prevention.

The Significance of the Race

CEO Charalambides spoke about the messages of hope and support sent by participating in the Race. He underscored that the event contributes significantly towards a more effective treatment for the disease. It does so by advocating for early diagnosis and allocating part of the event’s proceeds towards research for finding a cure for breast cancer.

Expressing gratitude towards the other sponsors, supporters, and the dedicated Europa Donna Cyprus team, Charalambides emphasized their invaluable efforts in implementing the multifaceted work of the NGO.

The Event Details

Race for the Cure is a global event held in 150 cities, with over 1 million participants. It is the largest sporting event for breast cancer awareness, and it celebrates courage, hope, strength, and life. Under the auspices of Education, Sports and Youth Minister Athena Michaelidou, it will commence from the University of Cyprus’ Sports Centre on Sunday, November 12, 2023.

Your Participation Counts

Pilakoutas Group encourages everyone to participate in the Race for the Cure 2023. The race’s message is, “We run for hope! For you, for me, for everyone!” You can register individually or as a team at the Race for the Cure website.

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Lessons Learned

  1. Corporate Social Responsibility: The Pilakoutas Group’s consistent support and sponsorship of ‘Race for the Cure Cyprus’ for three years highlights the importance of corporate social responsibility. By aligning their brand with a cause like breast cancer awareness, companies can make a positive impact on society and demonstrate their commitment to important issues.

  2. Promoting a Culture of Awareness: The involvement of the Pilakoutas Group and other supporters in the Race for the Cure emphasizes the significance of promoting a culture of awareness surrounding breast cancer. By encouraging individuals to take responsibility for their health and advocating for comprehensive and affordable support for those affected by the disease, we can contribute to early diagnosis and better treatment outcomes.

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