north cyprus affordable healthcare services

Affordable Medical Testing in North Cyprus

Discover the affordable healthcare services available in North Cyprus with the Vedat Özünlü Laboratory. This familyowned, private medical laboratory has been providing comprehensive clinical diagnostic services since 1980, including genetic tests, hematology, DNA tests, and pet services. With quick test results, excellent communication, and expert interpretation of findings, they aim to provide highquality healthcare services in a convenient and efficient manner. Contact them at or call 0392 227 51 70 to learn more.

northern cyprus agriculture

Guzelyurt: A Hidden Gem in Northern Cyprus

Discover a hidden gem in Northern Cyprus Guzelyurt! This market town is famous for its rich agricultural lands and is especially known for its delicious citrus fruits and strawberries. Take a break from the hustle and bustle and enjoy the peaceful surroundings with its fragrant orange blossoms and golden oranges while attending the annual Orange Festival or exploring the natural history and archaeology museum. Don’t miss out on this unique experience!

h&m cyprus

H&M Store Grand Opening in Nicosia, Cyprus

🎉 H&M’s first store in Nicosia, Cyprus officially opened on September 24th, bringing stylish and affordable clothing to the local fashion scene. VIPs and influencers attended an exclusive preshop event, filled with live performances and a red carpet. With the grand opening now over, the store is ready to welcome all fashion lovers to explore its offerings and stay uptodate with the latest international trends. 🛍️💃

music shop yamaha music school

Discover Major Music Shop and Yamaha Music School in Nicosia

Discover Major Music Shop and Yamaha Music School in Nicosia! At Major Music Shop, find a variety of instruments, sound and lighting systems, while the Yamaha Music School offers music lessons for all ages. The friendly, multilingual staff and convenient business hours make it easy to explore your passion for music.

indian culture community center

A Day of Indian Culture at The Home for Cooperation in Nicosia

The Home for Cooperation in Nicosia hosted an Indian cultural event featuring yoga classes, documentary film screenings, henna tattoos, vegan Indian cuisine, and a photo exhibition showcasing images of India. The community center aims to bring together Greek and Turkish Cypriots through various programs and events, promoting interaction and understanding. The event was supported financially by Sweden and Norway.

pet care veterinary clinic

A Comprehensive Guide to Pet Care in North Cyprus: The Pet Kingdom

Looking for topnotch pet care services in North Cyprus? Look no further than Pet Kingdom in Ozanköy! Owned and run by experienced veterinarian Hekim Selim Özhuy, the clinic offers a wide range of services, including general checkups, specialized medical procedures, dental care, and eye care, backed by advanced technology. Plus, Selim is passionate about promoting animal welfare and offers free services for stray cats and dogs. Follow his Facebook page for seasonal tips and advice, and don’t forget to use the code “1001” for a 10% discount on pet accessories!

restaurant cypriot food

The Palm House: A Slice of Paradise in Famagusta

Escape to paradise with a visit to The Palm House in Famagusta! This cozy restaurant near the Palm Beach Hotel offers stunning Mediterranean Sea views, a romantic garden, and authentic Cypriot food, including slowcooked lamb. Whether you’re dining for Sunday brunch or afternoon tea, The Palm House provides a delightful experience. Contact them at +90 392 366 9889 to make a reservation and enjoy mouthwatering food, a serene atmosphere, and stunning sea views. ThePalmHouse Famagusta AuthenticCypriotFood SlowCookedLamb MediterraneanViews

chinese cuisine contemporary dining atmosphere

The Ultimate Chinese Dining Experience at Salamis Bey Conti Hotel

Looking for an ultimate Chinese dining experience? Look no further than the Chinese Restaurant at Salamis Bey Conti Hotel in Famagusta! With authentic flavors and exceptional customer service, guests can enjoy an exquisite open buffet featuring traditional Chinese dishes, sushi, and desserts prepared by Head Chef Deng Huaiqiang, who has over 35 years of culinary experience. The restaurant is open every day from 6:30 pm to 11 pm – don’t miss out!

temporary residence permit northern cyprus

A Guide to Obtaining a Temporary Residence Permit in Northern Cyprus for Those Under 60

Are you planning to stay in Northern Cyprus for more than 90 days and are under 60? Here’s how to obtain a temporary residence permit in Northern Cyprus. Visit the post office to buy damga pul (stamps), get a “Proof of Living” document from the local Muhtar, and collect all required documents. Then, visit the police station for a requisition form for medical tests, get the required tests, and submit the sealed results and application to the police station. Finally, visit the Lefkosa immigration office to complete the process. Remember to renew the permit annually.

north cyprus historical site

Discovering Salamis Ruins: A Journey Through Time

Discover the Salamis ruins in North Cyprus, a wellpreserved ancient city dating back to 1000 BC. Explore landmarks such as a sports stadium, swimming pools, public toilets, an amphitheater, and a temple dedicated to Zeus. Wear comfortable shoes and allocate a full day to fully experience this mustvisit historical site.

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