A Guide to July’s Biggest Festivals

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July in Cyprus comes alive with vibrant festivals like the Afrobanana Festival in Lefkara village and the Loud Music Festival in Limassol, showcasing diverse music and art. Indulge in Cypriot delicacies at the Halloumi Festival in Drousia, and immerse yourself in the sights and scents of summer at events like the Platres Lavender Festival and the Protaras Summer Film Festival by the sea.

What are the biggest festivals in Cyprus in July?

  1. Afrobanana Festival (July 4-7): A celebration of diverse music and arts in Lefkara village.
  2. Loud Music Festival (July 4-7): Limassol’s ETKO venue hosts 50 DJs and artists with different daily themes.
  3. Halloumi Festival (July 5): Drousia’s event dedicated to Cyprus’s famous cheese, featuring dairy products and live music.
  4. Cyprus Rialto World Music Festival (July 6-19): Concerts at Heroes Square in Limassol showcasing local and international acts.
  5. Platres Lavender Festival (July 7): A fragrant event in Platres village with lavender planting and culinary delights.
  6. Protaras Summer Film Festival (July 10-28): An outdoor cinema experience by the sea with 25 blockbuster films.

Celebrating Under the Sun: Cyprus Festivals

July in Cyprus is a tapestry woven with vibrant festivals, each offering a unique cultural experience. As the island basks in the warmth of the summer sun, locals and tourists alike gear up for a month-long celebration of music, food, and the arts.

Afrobanana Festival: A Fusion of Beats and Culture

From July 4th to the 7th, the Afrobanana Festival transforms Lefkara village into an eclectic hub of creativity and sound. With its mix of Afro, funk, and techno rhythms, the festival celebrates diversity in music and art. Imagine yourself surrounded by the scenic beauty of the hilltops, your senses delighted by live performances and interactive installations. The inclusive ethos of the festival is evident through a variety of workshops, catering to both young and old, making it a family-friendly event that also focuses on sustainability and community-building.

Loud Music Festival: Limassol’s Euphonic Extravaganza

Simultaneously, the Loud Music Festival will electrify Limassol’s ETKO venue from July 4th to 7th. Here, 50 DJs and artists will set the stage for a dynamic auditory experience. With each day themed around a different genre, the festival is a paradise for music enthusiasts. Indulge in the delights of street food and immerse yourself in a specially-curated environment designed to amplify your festival experience.

Indulge in Cypriot Delicacies

Halloumi Festival in Drousia: Cheese Lovers Unite

Mark your calendars for July 5th, when Drousia hosts the 3rd Halloumi Festival. Celebrate Cyprus’s most iconic cheese at the village’s Elementary School stadium. Indulge in a variety of dairy products and enjoy live performances that will have you grooving through the night. This one-night affair is a tribute to traditional culinary practices and the island’s gastronomic heritage.

Cyprus Rialto World Music Festival: A Melodic Odyssey

From July 6th to 19th, the Cyprus Rialto World Music Festival invites you to a series of concerts at Heroes Square in Limassol. Immerse yourself in an auditory journey with a line-up that includes both local talents and international acts. From the soulful melodies of Marina Satti to the innovative sounds of Krúe, the festival is set to be a highlight for many music aficionates.

Embrace the Scents and Sights of Summer

Platres Lavender Festival: Aromatic Tranquility

Visit Platres on July 7th for an aromatic experience at the Lavender Festival. Engage in the simple joy of planting lavender, and tempt your taste buds with unique culinary creations inspired by this fragrant herb. The village is renowned for its English lavender, promising visitors an unforgettable sensory experience.

10th Protaras Summer Film Festival: Cinema by the Sea

From July 10th to 28th, Protaras becomes a haven for film enthusiasts. With 25 blockbuster films set against the backdrop of the sea, this outdoor cinema festival is perfect for a family outing. Savor the salty sea breeze as you dive into a world of cinematic wonders under the stars.


July in Cyprus is not just about the azure waters and golden beaches; it’s a celebration of life and culture. Whether you’re swaying to global beats or savoring local flavors, these festivals offer a little something for everyone. Come, be part of the jubilation that makes the heart of the Mediterranean beat.

What are the biggest festivals in Cyprus in July?

  • Afrobanana Festival (July 4-7)
  • Loud Music Festival (July 4-7)
  • Halloumi Festival (July 5)
  • Cyprus Rialto World Music Festival (July 6-19)
  • Platres Lavender Festival (July 7)
  • Protaras Summer Film Festival (July 10-28)

What can I expect at the Afrobanana Festival in Lefkara village?

The Afrobanana Festival is a celebration of diverse music and arts, featuring a mix of Afro, funk, and techno rhythms. The festival offers live performances, interactive installations, workshops, and activities for all ages. It focuses on sustainability and community-building, making it a family-friendly event.

What is special about the Halloumi Festival in Drousia?

The Halloumi Festival in Drousia is dedicated to Cyprus’s famous cheese. The event showcases a variety of dairy products and features live music performances. It is a tribute to traditional culinary practices and the island’s gastronomic heritage, making it a must-visit for cheese lovers.

What makes the Platres Lavender Festival a unique experience?

The Platres Lavender Festival offers visitors an aromatic experience with the opportunity to engage in planting lavender. The festival features unique culinary creations inspired by lavender, providing a sensory experience like no other. Platres is known for its English lavender, ensuring visitors a tranquil and unforgettable experience.

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