Hoteliers say they are fully aligned with government in efforts to boost tourism

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Hoteliers in Cyprus are working hand in hand with the government to enhance tourism. With increased budget, rebranding efforts, and a training scheme for hotel staff, they aim to make Cyprus a top destination year-round.

What are the efforts being made to boost tourism in Cyprus by hoteliers and the government?

To boost tourism in Cyprus, hoteliers and the government are collaborating closely. Key efforts include:

  1. The government increasing the tourism budget by €10 million.
  2. Strategic rebranding initiatives to enhance Cyprus’s global image.
  3. A five-year training scheme to upskill hotel employees and promote year-round tourism.
  4. Joint commitment to making Cyprus an attractive all-season destination.

Unwavering Partnership

The hotel industry is a cornerstone of tourism, contributing significantly to the economy. In a recent gathering, the Cyprus Hoteliers Association confidently voiced its unwavering support for the government, underscoring a synergistic relationship. The assembly, graced by President Nikos Christodoulides and delegates from various ministries, was more than a meeting—it was a testament to a strong bond aimed at propelling tourism to new heights.

Pasyxe’s statement following the annual general meeting was clear. They view the cooperation with the presidency and corresponding ministries as a crucial step towards preserving tourism as an economic stronghold. The significant attendance by government representatives at the meeting wasn’t merely ceremonial; it was a robust affirmation of their joint commitment to the sector’s growth.

Strategic Initiatives and Branding

Amidst the discussions, the government’s increased financial commitment to tourism was a highlight. An additional €10 million is earmarked for the Deputy Ministry of Tourism’s budget for 2025. This bolstering of funds is intended to amplify the island’s allure on the global stage.

The ongoing rebranding initiatives hold the promise of refreshing the island’s image, aiming to position Cyprus as a top-tier destination for business and leisure. Reinventing a nation’s brand is no small feat, but the collaborative efforts between the government and Pasyxe signal a future where Cyprus shines even brighter in the international arena.

Investing in Human Capital

Beyond marketing and branding lies the essential element of human resources. Recognizing this, Pasyxe highlighted an exciting training scheme set to span five years. It’s designed to upskill employees in hotels, particularly those partially or entirely out of operation. This program doesn’t just address immediate skill gaps; it’s a strategic move to boost year-round tourism by incentivizing hotels to stay open during the off-peak season.

The training initiative serves dual purposes: it enriches the workforce with enhanced skills and ensures that hospitality services remain consistent throughout the year. As a result, Cyprus could become a more attractive all-season destination, which is vital for sustainable tourism growth.

Looking to the Future with Optimism

In their closing remarks, the association didn’t hold back its hopeful outlook. Their partnership with the government isn’t just about facing current challenges—it’s about shaping a future where the tourism industry thrives. Pasyxe stands firm in its role as a strategic partner, poised to support, advise, and work alongside government bodies.

With these measures and the continued cooperation between stakeholders, the path ahead for the tourism sector in Cyprus looks promising. The joint efforts underline a shared vision where economic prosperity is driven by a flourishing tourism industry, making the island a beacon for travelers worldwide.

What are the efforts being made to boost tourism in Cyprus by hoteliers and the government?

Efforts to boost tourism in Cyprus include the government increasing the tourism budget by €10 million, strategic rebranding initiatives to enhance the country’s global image, a five-year training scheme to upskill hotel employees, and a joint commitment to making Cyprus an attractive all-season destination.

How is the hotel industry in Cyprus supporting the government in enhancing tourism?

The hotel industry in Cyprus is fully aligned with the government in efforts to boost tourism. They are collaborating closely, voicing unwavering support, and participating in initiatives such as rebranding, training schemes, and promoting year-round tourism to make Cyprus a top destination.

What is the significance of the partnership between hoteliers and the government for the tourism sector in Cyprus?

The partnership between hoteliers and the government in Cyprus is crucial for the tourism sector’s growth and economic prosperity. It signifies a shared vision, strategic initiatives, and a commitment to making the country a top-tier destination for travelers worldwide, with a focus on sustainability and year-round tourism.

How does investing in human capital play a role in boosting tourism in Cyprus?

Investing in human capital through training schemes for hotel employees in Cyprus plays a vital role in boosting tourism. By upskilling the workforce, particularly during off-peak seasons, hotels can offer consistent hospitality services year-round, making Cyprus a more attractive destination for visitors and contributing to sustainable tourism growth.

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