Enhancing Turkish Cypriot Enterprises through the EUnite: SME Initiative

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The ‘eunite: SME’ initiative by the European Commission is set to transform Turkish Cypriot enterprises with €4 million in funding for grants, mentorship, and support in digital transformation and EU standards alignment, fostering regional economic cohesion and cross-community trade. Strategic partnerships with GIZ International Services highlight a new dawn for local businesses, promising a sustainable and inclusive future through enhanced competitiveness and collaboration across the Green Line.

What is the ‘eunite: SME’ initiative?

The ‘eunite: SME’ initiative is a project by the European Commission to support Turkish Cypriot enterprises, aiming to stimulate private sector growth and cross-community trade. With €4 million funding, the initiative offers grants, mentorship, and support for digital transformation, sustainable practices, and alignment with EU standards to enhance business competitiveness and regional economic cohesion.

A New Dawn for Local Businesses

The European Commission has recently initiated a significant venture titled ‘eunite: SME’, specifically designed with the aim of fostering private sector growth within the Turkish Cypriot community. Moreover, this project seeks to invigorate trade across the Green Line. The ‘eunite: SME’ project stands as a testament to the European Commission’s commitment to regional development and cross-community economic integration.

Strategic partnerships are at the core of this project, with GIZ International Services playing a pivotal role. The collaborative effort is underpinned by a robust financial framework, with a dedicated budget of €4 million allocated for a two-year period. The essence of the initiative is to bolster Turkish Cypriot enterprises, enhancing their ability to compete by providing substantial support in their journey towards digital transformation, sustainable practices, and alignment with EU standards.

Building a Competitive Edge

The inauguration of the project was marked by a formal launch in Nicosia that saw a gathering of key figures from the European Commission, Turkish Cypriot authorities, and members from the business arena. Judit Rozsa, who serves as the acting director general for structural reform support at the European Commission, underscored the transformative potential of the ‘eunite: SME’ project. She emphasized that the initiative would not only elevate business competitiveness through grants and tailored mentorship but would also actively promote increased trade activity along the Green Line, thus fostering regional economic cohesion.

Stefanie Klein, the Europe regional director for GIZ International Services, echoed the sentiments of partnership and progress. She expressed pride in the joint endeavors aimed at unifying business efforts for Cyprus’s prosperity. The engagement with the Turkish Cypriot community through the ‘eunite: SME’ project is a strategic extension of earlier collaborative ventures in agriculture and other private sectors, including the successful halloumi/hellim Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) scheme.

A Sustainable and Inclusive Future

GIZ International Services, by managing EU projects worth €13.5 million under the Aid Programme for the Turkish Cypriot community, has solidified its position as a cornerstone for developmental assistance in Cyprus. The ‘eunite: SME’ project is the latest addition to this portfolio, underscoring the European Commission’s and GIZ’s long-term investment in the economic fortitude of the region.

The future for Turkish Cypriot businesses looks promising with the advent of the ‘eunite: SME’ initiative. This project is not just about financial investments but is also a beacon of hope for a sustainable and inclusive economic landscape. By infusing the local market with EU standards and the latest in digital and sustainable business practices, there is an undeniable potential for a new era of entrepreneurial success and cross-border collaboration.

What is the ‘eunite: SME’ initiative?

The ‘eunite: SME’ initiative is a project by the European Commission aimed at supporting Turkish Cypriot enterprises. It provides €4 million in funding for grants, mentorship, and support in digital transformation and alignment with EU standards to enhance business competitiveness and foster cross-community trade.

How does the ‘eunite: SME’ initiative benefit Turkish Cypriot enterprises?

The initiative benefits Turkish Cypriot enterprises by offering financial support through grants, mentorship, and resources for digital transformation. It also focuses on sustainable practices and aligning with EU standards, ultimately enhancing competitiveness and promoting regional economic cohesion.

What role do strategic partnerships play in the ‘eunite: SME’ initiative?

Strategic partnerships, particularly with GIZ International Services, are essential in the ‘eunite: SME’ initiative. These partnerships help to leverage resources, expertise, and networks to support Turkish Cypriot enterprises effectively. They also contribute to fostering cross-community collaboration and economic integration.

What is the expected impact of the ‘eunite: SME’ initiative on Turkish Cypriot businesses?

The ‘eunite: SME’ initiative is expected to have a positive impact on Turkish Cypriot businesses by enhancing their competitiveness, promoting sustainable practices, and increasing cross-border trade activity. This initiative aims to create a more inclusive and prosperous future for the region’s enterprises.

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