1 exhibition

Exhibition “Customs of the Twelve Days in Cyprus”

From December 117, 2023, the Municipal University Library of Limassol will host the “Customs of the Twelve Days in Cyprus” exhibition, showcasing the country’s cultural traditions during the festive period. This collaborative event by various organizations aims to promote drug prevention and celebrate Cypriot cultural identity through tradition and heritage.

1 solidarity

Solidarity for Peace: Uniting for the Palestinian Cause

Peo, a trade union, is advocating for international solidarity with the Palestinian people. They are calling for a peaceful demonstration, an immediate ceasefire, the release of hostages and political prisoners, support for a twostate solution, and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital. They condemn violence and urge the international community to adhere to UN resolutions for a peaceful coexistence.

opera live performance

The Met: Live in HD Graces the Rialto Theatre Once More

The Met: Live in HD event at the Rialto Theatre in Limassol, Cyprus is a series of live opera broadcasts from the Metropolitan Opera of New York. With a lineup of classic and modern operatic performances, this cultural experience offers English subtitles and tickets ranging from €15 to €20.

gender equality women in technology

Bridging the Gender Gap: Women in Tech® Cyprus Launch by TechIsland and Adsterra

TechIsland and Adsterra have launched the Women in Tech® Cyprus Chapter, aiming to close the gender gap in STEAM fields by promoting inclusion and empowering women through mentorship, education, networking, and job opportunities. The chapter serves as a hub of interaction and growth, offering valuable programs such as a Global Mentorship Programme, educational initiatives, job opportunities, and networking events, all with the goal of fostering diversity and supporting women’s growth in technology.

1 missing persons

Final Resting Place for Long-Missing Turkish Cypriot

Mustafa Mulla Huseyin’s burial ceremony is a significant event for his family and the community, as it provides closure after nearly six decades of searching. His remains, found in a well in Troulloi, Cyprus, will be laid to rest in the Canbulat Martyrs’ cemetery, highlighting the ongoing need for reconciliation and peace in the region.

classical music christmas spirit

A December to Remember with the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra

This December, the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra has a lineup of enchanting performances including the “Starlight 2 – Great Performers” concert series with Ukrainian pianist Igor Tchetuev, the contemporary Cypriot musical “My Snowman… Has Changed,” and Tchaikovsky’s ballet “The Nutcracker” performed by the Cyprus Youth Symphony Orchestra. These events promise to be a delightful treat for classical music lovers and will create lasting memories for families across the island.

wellness holistic living

Celebrating Wellness: Mind, Body & Spirit Festival Revitalizes Limassol

The Mind, Body & Spirit Festival in Limassol is a holistic health event held at St Raphael Hotel, featuring over 80 workshops, seminars, and classes aimed at rejuvenation and personal growth. With a marketplace of 70 exhibitors and free access to sessions with a €15 entrance ticket, the festival welcomes wellness enthusiasts of all levels to immerse themselves in a transformative experience on the first weekend of December.

1 pro-palestine demonstrations

Unwavering Support: Pro-Palestine Demonstrations Continue in Cyprus

ProPalestine demonstrators in Cyprus are demanding a ceasefire, unrestricted access for essential resources into Gaza, an end to Israeli occupation and expansion, and for the Cypriot government to cut all ties with Israel. They continue to express solidarity through weekly marches and vigils. The recent march through Nicosia saw a passionate crowd advocating for the Palestinian cause, demanding a free Palestine and the recognition of the ongoing genocide. The protesters criticized the Cypriot government’s silence and called for immediate action, including severing all relations with Israel. Despite the disappointment, the demonstrators showed unwavering support for the people of Palestine and highlighted the parallel struggles faced by both Cyprus and Palestine. The movement has taken a structured form with the creation of United for Palestine Cyprus, aiming to actively contribute to the Palestinian struggle for freedom.

christmas villages cyprus

Christmas Villages in Cyprus Anticipate Record Turnout

The Christmas Villages in Cyprus are gearing up for a record turnout this year, offering a festive experience filled with lights, crafts, and local traditions. From enchanting constructions in Kyperounda to celebrations of local products in Dherynia, visitors can expect a season to remember as they explore the unique offerings in each village and immerse themselves in the warm communal spirit of Cyprus.

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