maritime cyprus

Limassol Shipping Forum to Highlight Cyprus as Maritime and Business Hub

The Capital Link Cyprus Shipping Forum in Limassol will spotlight Cyprus as a key maritime and business center, bringing together global stakeholders to discuss industry advancements and investment prospects. This prestigious event, supported by the Deputy Ministry of Shipping and Maritime Cyprus, promises networking opportunities and insights into the future of the maritime sector.

beach events

Welcome the Beach Season with Paralimni Events

The beach season in Paralimni, Cyprus is set to be filled with excitement and entertainment with events like the International Beach Tennis Tournament – Ayia Triada, the Protaras Summer Film Festival, and the MoonWalk 2024 – Rising Moon Edition. Get ready for a summer of sun, beach, and fun as these vibrant celebrations bring together locals and visitors for unforgettable experiences under the Mediterranean sky.

music cultural events

Cyprus Springs to Life with Music

This spring, Cyprus is bursting with cultural events, from experimental music sessions at Kafeneio Prozak in Nicosia to classical piano recitals by Nikita Mndoyants at the Shoe Factory. The island is alive with music, connecting urban centers with mountain villages and offering a rich tapestry of sound for music lovers to enjoy.

nature art

Embracing Nature Through Art: The RE:SOURCE 2.0 Exhibition

The RE:SOURCE 2.0: NATURE exhibition in Limassol from May 17 to 21 intertwines art and sustainability by showcasing works created from recycled materials. Artists from around the world will use their creativity to shed light on environmental beauty and fragility, aiming to inspire dialogue and promote sustainable living practices.

environment protest

Protesters Demand Tree Restoration After Mass Clearout

Protesters in Limassol demand immediate restoration of over 50 trees in Dasoudi, threatening further protests if demands are not met within two weeks. Mayor Xydias criticizes forestry department for excessive clearout, highlighting the importance of urban green spaces for wildlife and community wellbeing.

environmental advocacy protest

Protest Planned in Limassol Over Tree Cutting

The protest in Limassol, organized by Friends of the Earth Cyprus, is in response to the tree cutting in the Dasoudi area. They are demanding transparency from the Forestry Department, sustainable management practices, and immediate restoration work to protect the local ecosystem and wildlife.

cinema cultural experience

A Glimpse into the Heart of Cinema: YEAST Film Festival

The YEAST International Student Film Festival in Limassol offers a dynamic threeday showcase of nearly a hundred student films worldwide. With screenings, workshops, EU funding info sessions, and musical performances, it promises a rich cultural celebration of international cinema and creativity, complete with English subtitles for all films.

democracy civic participation

Exploring the Potential and Pathways of Active Participation in Cyprus

The EMERGE Conference in Cyprus on February 24th will delve into ways to enhance civic participation in the country. Through discussions led by experts like Dr. Giorgos Charalambous, attendees will explore avenues for active citizenship, from participatory policymaking to the role of youth in effecting change. By fostering dialogue and offering educational resources, the EMERGE project aims to build a more vibrant, participatory democracy in Cyprus.

education empowerment

Purpose Academy Programme Marks Successful First Round

The Purpose Academy programme by Purpose Communications successfully concluded its first round, empowering nonprofit organizations in Cyprus like Birth Forward Cyprus and Agkalia Elpidas with essential PR and communications skills. Through personalized workshops and mentorship, NGOs gained strategies to effectively engage audiences and advance their causes, marking a significant milestone in their journey towards societal impact.

politics elections

Historic Simultaneous Elections Set for June

The upcoming elections in Cyprus on June 9 mark a historic occasion, with citizens participating in a recordsetting eight simultaneous elections. From the European Parliament to local school boards, voters will have a say in various levels of governance, showcasing the island’s commitment to comprehensive representation and democratic participation at all levels.

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