Author name: Demis Papadopoulos

migration deputy ministry

Navigating the Complex Landscape of a New Deputy Ministry for Migration

The proposal to create a new Deputy Ministry for Migration in Cyprus is facing a multitude of challenges, including legal issues, staffing concerns, and opposition from various groups. The Institute of Demographic and Immigration Policy has recommended amendments to the bill, while the public servants’ union Pasydy and social welfare services have raised concerns about transferring employees. Additionally, community unrest has sparked questions about the location of migrant teen protection centres. Despite these obstacles, the journey towards establishing a more comprehensive migration policy framework continues.

1 public debt reduction

Cyprus to Witness Significant Public Debt Reduction by End of 2024

Cyprus is set to witness a significant reduction in its public debt by the end of 2024, with a projected 30 percent decrease in the debttoGDP ratio. The European Commission has praised Cyprus for its fiscal discipline and expects the country to achieve a structural surplus and maintain economic stability through prudent fiscal management.

violence against women women's rights

Urgent Call to Address Violence Against Women in the North

The Turkish Cypriot police in the North have implemented a zerotolerance policy towards violence against women, with a specialized branch established in 2018 and extended across the region by 2021. With 831 complaints already registered this year, the police are committed to immediate evaluation and sensitive investigation of all reports, emphasizing their zerotolerance stance and rapid legal action. Meanwhile, the government has invested in 40 electric vehicles, setting an example for sustainability and future green technology adoption.

environmental conservation restoration efforts

Urgent Restoration Needed for Akamas Before Rainy Season

Urgent restoration efforts are needed for the Akamas peninsula, including halting unauthorized activities, removing construction waste, and undertaking significant landscaping, to prevent soil erosion and habitat destruction before the rainy season. An independent environmental assessment is crucial to guide the restoration process and protect the unique ecological fabric and wildlife of Akamas.

money laundering sanctions evasion

Cyprus MEPs Under Scrutiny for Alleged Sanctions Evasion

Cyprus MEPs are accused of aiding in sanctions evasion and money laundering, which has sparked intense debate in the European Parliament. The ‘Cyprus Confidential’ reports have shed light on these allegations, leading to calls for action, accountability, and the strengthening of antimoney laundering defenses within the EU.

community charity

Limassol Municipality’s Gesture of Kindness: The Christmas Love Packages Initiative

The Limassol municipality’s Christmas Love Packages initiative is an annual tradition that distributes packages with food, essentials, and festive treats to help individuals and families in need during the holiday season. It embodies the community’s spirit of giving and compassion, with local organizations, schools, businesses, and social groups encouraged to contribute and ensure that the warmth of the holiday spirit is felt by everyone.

haemodialysis renal care

Paphos General Hospital Unveils New Haemodialysis Unit

Paphos General Hospital in Paphos is transforming renal care with a new haemodialysis unit that offers advanced technology, specialized spaces for vulnerable groups, and inclusive design for patients with disabilities. This development addresses the growing need for quality kidney disease management and diabetesrelated treatments in the area.

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