Author name: Demis Papadopoulos

sanctions evasion investigations

Navigating Legal Challenges in Sanctions Evasion Cases

Cyprus is determined to tackle sanctions evasion, despite facing legal complexities and international scrutiny. Efforts include a specialized police force, proactive measures by the banking sector, and increased staff for sanctions violations, while the legal and accountancy sectors diligently ensure compliance and refer cases for investigation.

environmental concerns coordination failure

Critical Coordination Failure in Akamas Roadworks

Construction on the Akamas peninsula road network has been temporarily halted due to environmental concerns and criticism over the government’s ineffective coordination. The contractor Cyfield has paused all operations to address issues and prevent further financial and ecological damage, ensuring the project respects the delicate Akamas environment.

crime europol

Europol launches new ‘most-wanted’ campaign, includes Cyprus crimes

Europol has launched a new campaign targeting the capture of Europe’s mostwanted criminals, including suspects of serious crimes in Cyprus. The campaign encourages public assistance in tracking down these fugitives by providing tips. Citizens are empowered to act as heroes in aiding law enforcement and ensuring public safety. Visit Europol’s website for details and to report information anonymously.

1 festive season

Enter a Magical Realm This Festive Season at the Parklane

This festive season, immerse yourself in a fairytale atmosphere at the Parklane Resort & Spa. Experience ‘The Parklane Novel’, a magical narrative that brings classic fairytales to life, indulge in festive screenings and chocolate wonderland activities, enjoy Christmas melodies and New Year’s jazz, celebrate with French Riviera festivities, and join the New Year’s Eve Gala in the Diamond Ballroom. Contact or call +357 25 862000 for more information or to secure your spot in this enchanting holiday experience.

legal reforms multi-owner buildings

Advocating for Legal Reforms in Multi-Owner Buildings

Louis Constantinou is advocating for legal reforms in multiowner buildings, including due diligence checks to clear joint debts, mandatory rectification of unauthorized property alterations, certification to confirm units are free of illegal alterations and outstanding debts, and targeted legal provisions to prevent the illegal seizure of common and public areas. Constantinou’s proposals aim to address complex issues related to managing common expenses, eradicate illegal property alterations, ensure verification through certification, and promote a harmonious and legally compliant living environment for all residents.

festive events christmas celebrations

UNIC Christmas Spirit: A Festive Week of Wonders

The University of Nicosia (UNIC) is hosting the “UNIC Christmas Spirit” week, filled with festive activities from December 1 to 7, 2023. Highlights include a Christmas tree lighting ceremony, a Christmas village market, free movie screenings, and an exclusive Christmas party for UNIC students and alumni at LOFT Restaurant & Bar.

national cancer institute oncology

Unwavering Support for the Establishment of a National Cancer Institute in Cyprus

The Cyprus Oncology Society (Oek) and the cancer committee of the Cyprus patient associations’ federation (Osak) are united in their support for the establishment of a National Cancer Institute in Cyprus. This institute aims to enhance cancer care by improving prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and palliative care, as well as advancing research and education in oncology. Through collaboration and support from various stakeholders, the institute seeks to create a community that provides excellent care and support for patients, families, professionals, and researchers.

governance board members

Governance at the English School Heads Towards Stability

The English School has resolved the dispute surrounding the selection process of board members, aligning it with procedures used in other semistate organizations. This decision brings stability to the school’s governance and paves the way for educational and financial reforms, much to the anticipation of the community.

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