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money laundering sanctions evasion

Cyprus MEPs Under Scrutiny for Alleged Sanctions Evasion

Cyprus MEPs are accused of aiding in sanctions evasion and money laundering, which has sparked intense debate in the European Parliament. The ‘Cyprus Confidential’ reports have shed light on these allegations, leading to calls for action, accountability, and the strengthening of antimoney laundering defenses within the EU.

community charity

Limassol Municipality’s Gesture of Kindness: The Christmas Love Packages Initiative

The Limassol municipality’s Christmas Love Packages initiative is an annual tradition that distributes packages with food, essentials, and festive treats to help individuals and families in need during the holiday season. It embodies the community’s spirit of giving and compassion, with local organizations, schools, businesses, and social groups encouraged to contribute and ensure that the warmth of the holiday spirit is felt by everyone.

haemodialysis renal care

Paphos General Hospital Unveils New Haemodialysis Unit

Paphos General Hospital in Paphos is transforming renal care with a new haemodialysis unit that offers advanced technology, specialized spaces for vulnerable groups, and inclusive design for patients with disabilities. This development addresses the growing need for quality kidney disease management and diabetesrelated treatments in the area.

1 music

A Cultural Celebration: This Weekend’s Events Guide

This weekend, immerse yourself in the enchanting melodies of Edith Piaf at the Pallas Theatre, experience the magic of Disney at the Nicosia Municipal Theatre, delight in ballet music at the Rialto Theatre in Limassol, laugh with Jimmy Carr at the Strovolos Theatre, and kick off the festive season at the Christmas Villages in Fikardou. Embrace the cultural vibrancy and create unforgettable memories filled with music, laughter, and festive cheer.

1 flood damage

State Commits to Aid Flood-Damaged Cultural Site

The state has committed to assisting the Hambis Printmaking Museum in repairing flood damage, including the construction of microreservoirs and potential demolition work. Despite not being legally obligated, the state will bear the costs, demonstrating its dedication to preserving this cultural site.

government appointments commissioner roles

Reassessment of Commissioner Roles: Necessary Action or Political Tokenism?

The debate surrounding the necessity of commissioner roles, such as the Commissioner for Mountain Communities, is ongoing. With concerns about effectiveness, staffing challenges, and the lack of clear legislation, there is a call for a review and rationalization of these positions to ensure they provide tangible value and do not hinder government operations. Moving forward, the focus should be on enhancing the lives of citizens and streamlining administration, rather than adding unnecessary layers of bureaucracy.

legislation accountability

Pursuit of Justice for Isias Hotel Tragedy

The Isias hotel collapse has sparked a demand for justice, with calls for those responsible to face charges of ‘intentional killing’. Evidence of substandard materials and unauthorized modifications suggests intentional negligence, leading to tragic loss of lives. Advocates for justice, including opposition leader Tufan Erhurman and lawyer Pervin Aksoy, are pushing for accountability and hoping to prevent such disasters in the future through safety measures and regulatory enforcement.

robberies surveillance technology

Wave of Thefts Hits Limassol: Bakery and Kiosks Targeted

A series of bold thefts targeting local businesses, including a bakery and kiosks, has disturbed the tranquility of Limassol. A 26yearold man was swiftly arrested after evidence from CCTV footage helped law enforcement officials locate and apprehend him, highlighting the importance of vigilance and robust security measures.

european union legislative landscape

Sweeping Reforms Transform the European Union’s Decision-Making Process

The European Union is undergoing sweeping reforms that could drastically change its decisionmaking process. Proposed changes include the removal of the unanimity principle, transfer of powers from member states to EU governing bodies, introduction of new shared competencies, downsizing the European Commission, mandatory adoption of the Euro, and a simplified sanctioning process for member states violating EU values. These reforms, which have been narrowly approved by the European Parliament, have the potential to reshape the EU’s legislative landscape and alter the balance of power within the bloc.

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