You can save the world, can by can

Wednesday was Earth Day, a day to honour the Earth and support environmental protection. April 22 was first celebrated as Earth Day in 1970 and now more than 192 countries hold events to raise awareness about environmental issues, take action to save the world we live in and maybe have a little party while doing so.

Although the day may have passed, tomorrow Cans for Kids and Microsoft – with a little help from KISS FM – will celebrate Earth Day by getting people involved in the process of recycling cans and also having a nice cup of coffee.

The event, with the slogan ‘All Together for a Better Tomorrow’, invites you to collect as many aluminium cans as possible and join the organisers at the Cans for Kids Recycle Centre in Kaimakli, Nicosia.

Cans for Kids is a non-profit organisation that has been running in Cyprus since 1990. The organisation encourages people to collect aluminium cans and has collection points all over the island.

All the cans collected are sorted and crushed at the centre to support the work that Cans for Kids is doing to raise money for Makarios III Children’s hospital. To date the organisation has helped raise over €260,000 worth of equipment that has been donated to the hospital.

The aluminium is sent aboard for the recycling process to be completed and the money collected will go towards buying medical equipment for the hospital.

If you have ever visited a sick child in the hospital, or if you have ever peeked through the window of the intensive care unit – or if you have had to go through the process of thoroughly washing your hands before entering the unit to visit your own child – then you will know how much the hospital works to take care of children, and how much equipment is needed for them to do so.

The goal this year is to recycle as many aluminium cans as possible, but for the largest quantity of cans to be recycled, the largest number of cans have to be used, so be sure to use up everything you have in the house that can be found inside a can and put them in a bag ready for tomorrow.

Bring your children with you and some rubber gloves to help the members of Cans for Kids sort out the bags of cans already collected along with the cans you have brought along, and put them in the machine to be crushed, and get the recycling process three quarters of the way to a cleaner Earth.

And to top it all off – apart from helping sick children get better and helping the environment – you can also whistle to some great tunes played live by the radio station KISS FM, while you work.

Cans for Kids
Coffee and recycling to help the cans for kids organisation, also Kiss FM will be playing live. April 25. Cans for Kids Recycle Centre. Gianni Koromia, Kaimakli, Nicosia. 10am-1pm. Tel: +357-70001770.

By Maria Gregoriou for Cyprus Mail


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