Yoghurt is not just good North Cyprus

A good yogurt is not just good but very
useful for the body. Gastrointestinal system does somersaults of joy, beneficial bacteria and acid-base balance is maintained. Most useful is the one that is made from sheep and goat milk.  Even lactose intolerant can drink goat milk when lactose content is so low that an allergic reaction is avoided. Of course you have to be a little cautious if you have a strong allergy but in most cases there is no problem. A good way to obtain the healthy stuff without fear.
Make your own yogurt
Goat yoghurt is not easy to find but here we have pastors who go everywhere with their flocks. It is usually both sheep and goats in the herd, ask the shepherd if you can buy some goat’s milk, it´s usually no problem (goat = Keci, milk = Süt).
I myself have now for the first time made my own brand of organic yogurt without additives. Clearly, I prefer a mixture of sheep’s and goat’s milk. It´s one of the most delicious yogurts I’ve eaten; gentle and smooth with a perfect texture.
It was not hard either! I got my tub with
milk and poured it in a big pot, stirred until
it began to simmer and let it simmer for approx 12-15 min. Remember to have small flame so that it is slow otherwise burn it solid and tastes bad.
Tip: Place a small saucer in the bottom of the pan so it does not burn as easily (my mother in law told me) and it worked, no burning on the bottom.
Then the milk is left to cool until it is a little warmer than lukewarm. Take some of the milk and mix with a few tablespoons of yogurt (either bought yogurt or if you have saved the yogurt from the previous round, koyun = sheep / goats, Kuzu = get).
Yogurt mixture then moves to the bottom of the warm (not hot) milk and stir well. Then pour the mixture into jars or bowls that you carefully cleaned, put on the lids, wrap a blanket and let the yogurt “settle“. It takes approximately 5 h.
Next, take off the caps so that the yogurt can cool completely before you put them in the fridge. NOTE do not forget to put the lids back when the yogurt has cooled.
Then it’s just to enjoy either plain or with fruit, honey or whatever you prefer.



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