Yamaha at Shevketoglu: Bring your imagination to life with Shevketoglu Group where high-quality meets luxury and aspirations in style. Image-setters for a boat life in North Cyprus.

Shevketoglu Ltd is located in Kyrenia, North Cyprus. Under the proprietorship of Esin and Mustafa Shevketoglu.

Yamaha North Cyprus

Boat Life
Shevketoglu Megastore has absolutely everything for boat life, fishing, hunting and has successfully built co-operations with the best brands in the world.

Yamaha North Cyprus
‘Yamaha Wave Revs Your Heart’

A Social Life In Cyprus

The passion for life and living, Shevketoglu is the address where you will find inspirations to bring and become the image for your hopes, plans and dreams.

As a founder pioneering Turkish Cypriot based company, Shevketoglu of North Cyprus now stands before us in the shape of his son, Mustafa Shevketoglu, and his knowledgeable wife Esin, charmingly cool as a spring day. Characterful features peer out at us, Mustafa is dapperly dressed from top to toe in grey, green sporty hunting attire, from his own company store and brand of course.

“Speed, reliability and results,” says Shevketoglu.

This is the mission for Shevketoglu Group creating lifestyle products for four seasons! “If your dream is to come alive and live the Mediterranean lifestyle, it is a simple process and we will assist you all the way by fulfilling our customer needs.“

Established in 1956, and a founder in its field now for many great imports and great worldwide brand products, includes USA, Japan and Germany.

Face to face with an undisputed giant of brandnames in yachts, and one of the few well respected families in their field established on the island.

The polite aura and calm of this big persona in true spirit, appears before us in international flavour, yet stylish home grown family roots coming from good quality Turkish Cypriot family with a long standing respectability, I did search for the coat of arms, but came face to face with the head of a moose, well that will do fine! The home culture is clearly in good-breeding. He politely offers us coffee. We begin to thank him for inviting us here for the interview, and ask to obtain a little of information about his own contributions, and of course, the family business profile.

“Worth its weight in gold. Insecticide?”

The legend of this foundational family came about, when we ask about Mustafa’s father, he grins and starts with a wryly smile. “Insecticide, yes, my family originally imported and launched the production of good old insecticide, worth it’s weight in gold at that time, referring to the year of 1956. My father began the family dynasty roots way back in 1956 with a tyre re-moulding business for general vehicles, HGV lorries, and agricultural machinery, even tractors, when the island at that time, due to lacking business opportunities in many areas, accessibility and unavailability was not an easy way and a hard time for farmers and generally small fruit and vegetable growers,  even larger agricultural producers on the island could not source their needs. Then we began, insecticide. This was the magic product, extremely difficult to access. The idea to import insecticide was something this island needed urgently, and my father did just that. So we began distributing in large selling quantities mainly agriculturally, followed then to supermarkets all over the island, and smaller farming businesses with agricultural production.” He continues: “Good luck is not to miss opportunity, embrace every possibility.”

Yamaha North Cyprus

“At Shevketoglu Ltd we believe that craftsmanship is a combination of knowledge, skill, experience, and pride in a job well done. The quality of our work and the honesty of our business have gained our shop an excellent reputation not only in North Cyprus additionally along our Mediterranean neighbourhood of countries.

We offer free consultation and assessment for a wide range of products that cover services from small boat repairs and other similar needs to sales and delivery of your dream speed boat or larger classic yacht. Our well-regarded work habit has given us the opportunity to work with the best brands in our industry. Our aim, is our contribution to create your amazing lifestyle, so yo can make plans to meet your imagination of the future”, Mustafa says.

He’s is about to launch a new online shopping website, adding to his portfolio, presenting a new web site for all his brands. The website will be launched on 30th of August 2017. 

A new worldwide world of sailing, yachting & water sports waiting to be discovered!
New Cyprus Magazine adds a new point of view, to the unique lifestyle on the water developing fast in North Cyprus. Mustafa Shevketoglu, who revealed a show-stopping passion and lobbyist for what he believes, the future of Northern Cyprus with its deep sea roots, tourism, and a sea life with a passion for water and island living.

Cyprus is an island that makes the sea an indispensable element. Whether private owned yacht or boat, hire or cruise boats, being in the water is a way of life to cherish.

Focus on challenging boundaries and connecting people
Mustafa is a key figure, and the man opening doors, to water sports internationalisation particularly, when it comes to opportunities to locals, he does not hesitate bringing his work and efforts to notice, to make the most of enjoying the paradise of sea living at our finger tips. The social side to the coin, is no coincidence, obviously now a growing trend bringing attentive methods such as the sport of deep sea fishing to gain a foothold for a better life today, a lifestyle change selecting your hobby on your own turf, is something easily bought to life, a Mediterranean dream to life! The mesmerising coastline we fortuitously have ownership to, is a subject he is most well educated with. The yacht club scene, and racing isn’t an issue its a networking process. Even with many loopholes, he does not allow anything to obstruct his goal. Following the ‘yacht life’ market arena closely, for over 20 years now, he is excited to see North Cyprus is a growing entity in attraction to sea tourism. “This being due to many factors, firstly, advantageous geographical location, 360 days of warm climate and some 340 days a year in sunshine, and another attraction to a stress-free craving for the calm ocean waves and the healthier way of an idyllic island life. Climatically, of which we can enjoy the ideology of ‘customizing our lifestyle’ the whole year round indeed signs which strongly indicate a bold showcase for living a boat lifestyle, and a boom is greatly possible.”

International Boom ~ A Sea Culture in North Cyprus
He definably knows the factors and holds the ideologies of where’s and how’s of pushing island tourism, when it comes to a world class international sea community and under-water biology. We ask his views, and said “actively, the currant affairs of ‘a sea culture in North Cyprus is a sensitive area’, growing at a fast pace, the waves stronger within the context of tolerance willingly, only assist in overcoming many social barriers. Building bridges, I think, is a positively vital focus, expressing this issue and solutions for breaking barriers hold an intensity of overcoming many social barriers challenged weighing a re-balance for the way forward to positive effects, clearly main objectives appearing on my personal horizon as a whole for our future is of paramount, segregation within certain controlled blockades in our waters are challenging issues which has my deep roots at heart. We need to keep the balance.” This gentleman continues to ‘make the difference’ and a huge the ring of confidence rules.

Yamaha North Cyprus

Yamaha North Cyprus

Yamaha North Cyprus

Yamaha North Cyprus

Yamaha North Cyprus

Yamaha North Cyprus

Yamaha North Cyprus

Yamaha North Cyprus

Yamaha North Cyprus

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