World Barrow Rally Championships in Ozanköy

A very different type of event is to be held in Ozanköy on Sunday, 4th October. Starting at 1pm there will be a wheelbarrow rally with decorated wheelbarrows going around Ozanköy in a timed rally.

The event is being organised by David Miller, who came up with the idea in the pub over a beer or two, and he’s said that it will be 5TL for each person to enter teams and collect bricks along the way. There will be a prize of a case of beer for the nearest to the perfect time, a bottle of bubbly for the best decorated barrow, and a meal for two with a drink at The Grafton for the most bricks collected. Spectators are asked to fill water guns and spray them down as they pass through the village and to also put some change in their barrows. This is going to be a great day.

It was decided not to carry people in a barrow which could lead to accidents, so the idea of bricks being put in the barrows as fines along the way came about.

So far there are seven special stages (pubs) where a drink must be bought which can be non alcoholic, but it must be at least 33cl or take a fine. All fines will be 5TL, disputing a fine 5TL, water hazard  5TL, WC use 5TL etc.

All money raised will be donated to Tulips and The Masons.

David, the organiser, is donating the case of beer. A newlywed couple, Becky and James, have donated a bottle of bubbly, and The Grafton have donated a meal for two with drinks, so if you win or have the most fines you can still win something.

If you want to enter with your barrow or learn more about this fun event contact David Miller by email at  or call 05428877661. You can also visit the facebook page by clicking here


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