Our daily weather: Give us sun this day!

Yes, it is now winter and down here in these latitudes the rain and the greenery has come, so on Sunday I was very happy when I opened my bright green eyes and looked out the bedroom window and saw the sun, which means laundry day. All said and done I loaded the machine full and in total I got two loads of clothes to dry. I then went for a ride down to the shop and, among other things, bought the newspaper that comes out once a week, on Saturdays, and has the lovely name: Cyprus Today.

I then, to my despair, read that there would be a storm with rain that evening. Help, my laundry!

As I do not have a tumble dryer or any other drying facilities, and have no other source of heat than gas fire, which I only use at emergencies, the almost dry clothes were taken inside and the clothes rack was put under the terrace roof. The laundry got to share space with my outdoor cats. I have a heat exchanger, however I hardly use it during the winter as I believe it is too expensive. The electricity is expensive, at least for me.

Today, on my birthday, the first snow arrived. Yes you read that right! We have had snow covering the Kyrenia mountains, with thunder and rain in the lower plains, so the gas heaters are running at full capacity and it’s time to buy more gas.

But strangely enough I am not cold. Us Swedes we say: There is no bad weather, only bad clothing!

norra cypern snö

norra cypern snö

norra cypern snö

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