Winter time in Cyprus

Winter has come to Northern Cyprus, if you can call it that. But for us who live most of the time it does feel chilly and cold.

Remember that in summer temperatures can reach above 40 degrees, admittedly only for few weeks, but the normal temperature is around 35 degrees, which is so nice.

For many it is still warm enough now, like a European summer, sunny and 20 degrees during the day, and a lot of wind.

Today, in the afternoon I went down to Sadyna beach (located in Lapta), I was dressed in jeans, jacket, windbreaker and a scarf around my neck. When I stepped into the bar there sat an English couple dressed in linen t-shirts and shorts!

I had to ask if they thought it was cold outside. I was fully dressed in winter clothes and they were dressed for summer. The answer was obviously no, but it was a bit cold on the ears for they had just taken a walk of about 6 km and it was quite windy along the sea.

On the sea rolled great white waves against the shore, the wind howled, and the seaweed formed mounds at the water’s edge. The sea was now not nearly as inviting as it usually is for a swim.

Now it should be mentioned that I do not bathe unless it’s at least 26 degrees in the water. So in late September it was the end of swimming for me this year.



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