Wing Chun Meditation Beach Retreat

It can be difficult to get your mind, body and spirit on the same page sometimes. That is why the five-day Wing Chun Meditation Beach Retreat at Governors beach gives participants the chance to get to grips with special techniques that can get all three in sync.

The retreat, which starts on Thursday, is a transformational event that gathers an extraordinary community of peace-makers, teachers and students who are driven to positively affect the world.

The event takes place once a year in a paradise like location across the world and this year the selected location is Limassol. The beach will provide the relaxing atmosphere while the trainers from the Peace By Praxis – Applied Meditation Arts centre will provide training on profound mind shifts, kung fu hacking techniques, and ways to empower your life.

Participants can spend one to five days at the retreat. So take a few days off from your routine to get some self-development time in, enjoy the sea and sun, relax and supercharge yourself. Plus, you will get to meet some like-minded people and be on your way to accomplishing your next great thing.

A retreat to enhance the mind, body and spirit to have a more positive effect on the world. August 18-22. Governors Beach, Limassol. €200 for five days, €50 per day. 10am-2pm. Tel: +357-99-063174

Wing Chun Meditation Beach Retreat

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