Why do we get ill and what can we do about it?

What is illness? Do we get struck by illness or do we create it ourselves?

The questions are many and it isn’t easy to answer them all. We can note that we are struck by some illnesses while others are developed over long time due to our lifestyle. We can say that  we are struck by contagious illnesses like whooping cough, malaria, common cold etc. Other illnesses like gout, aching joints, headache, hearth attack etc. are the results of our lifestyle. The most feared of them all, Cancer, belongs to the latter.

To make this clear I dare state that as long as all flows in the body are normal, the body is healthy. If a congestion or constipation occurs somewhere we have problems.

We can have constipation or congestions in the colon, the gall ducts, the kidneys, the blood, arteries and capillaries, the lymph etc. We can even have mental congestions.

Transfats, which are banned in all of Europe except Sweden, will cover the cells in ’plastic’. Transfats are produced by heating vegetable oils up to 200°C for several hours in order to make them spreadable and sellable. The oils become like ’plastic’, they cover the cells and close the cell pores. The cell becomes hungry and sends out hunger signals. The liver responds and sends glucose to the cell. The glucose cannot enter the cell, as the cell is constipated. The cell continues to cry for food and the liver complies. At last there are lots of glucose around the poor constipated cell. This can lead to Diabetes and worse.
Avoid transfats.

The authorities warn us for high cholesterol when eating saturated fats. They propagate for light margarine, which may contain transfats, in order to lower the cholesterol. Why? The body knows how much cholesterol it needs and produces 80% of the need itself. If we have too little cholesterol in the brain we might get Alzheimers or some other nasty nerve disease. We can say that the communication between nerve centers in the brain is congested. This congestion is caused by lack of fat. The brain produces its own cholesterol but the need isn’t always met, due to lack of proper raw material. Saturated vegetable fat, preferably coconut oil, is very good for the brain.

If our colon or our kidneys are congested the body cannot get rid of the waste and toxins through the natural ducts, fecals and urine. Waste products and toxines that are not eliminated will be reabsorbed by the body and we have a vicious cycle. The body will try to find other elimination channels, eg. leg ulcers. This might lead to diabetes or other diseases.

One thing we can do is drinking lots of pure water, 3-4 liters a day. We should also take a teaspoon of high quality salt a day.

Water and salt plays a crucial role for the life on this planet. Under the last 100 years the water has become more and more contaminated. It is therefore likely that our water is one of the largest contributors to our poor health, illness and disease. Even in modern science water is considered to be the most important contributor for life. Many life-giving properties are missing in water without salt. (Destilled water). Designations as living water and living salt are scientifically entitled. By consuming a large quantity of water, up to 4 liters, a day we make it easier for the kidneys to filter the blood. If you are dehydrated your blood will be thicker and your kidneys are trying to filter sludge. Drink enough water. Don’t let this happen.


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