We are expanding Part 1

We have had problems with leaking roofs due to, the sometimes violent, rains we suffer here during the winter periods. When the wind blows, hail and rain at the same time, our ceilings were not equipped to deal with it, resulting in small pools inside, so we had to make a new roof. I have always dreamed of a roof terrace and because our roof is flat, I thought why not kill two birds with one stone?

We hired a guy, Hassan, who is a welder, wrought iron worker and everything else that has to do with metal. But as so often is the case here, he is a lot more than just what he learned in school, so we got a designer and carpenter thrown in to the deal. Hassan has been studying at vocational college for 4 years and at the same time has been running his own business. His employees are all apprentices who attend vocational college and work with him to gain experience.

When Hassan came here we had a long discussion about what and how we would do. It was decided that we build a roof terrace with a wide sun and rain canopy. A footbridge will connect to it so that we can have easy access and so that all our dogs can be in up there too.

During the work I provided the boys with Turkish coffee and water. You have to make sure that they are taking a break from time to time so that they do not exhaust themselves.

It is now all coming together and the pedestrian bridge will connect as soon as we clad the platform. It was a bit delayed because of the whims of nature; Mother Nature decided to thunder and rain for a few days. We have painted and have stood inside and I must say that I am very happy with the results. The view is fantastic and I can see myself sitting and enjoying breakfast up there, not to mention the nice BBQ parties we may have after we decorated the terrace and installed the grill.

During the warm summer nights we will naturally sleep up there. We plan to eventually make a smaller room at one end (towards the mountains) and have as a combined living room and guest room, of course with shower and toilet.

After making material calculations, we ordered everything from Tüm Metal in Karakum which gave us a great price and delivered on time too. The manager there speaks very good English so it was easy to order the right things. I went around to a lot of different places to get quotes to see what the material would cost before I decided.

Hassan with co-workers has done an excellent job for a good price and we are very satisfied. I can certainly recommend both Hassan and Tüm Metal.

If would you like to get in touch with Hasan then you can write to me or call Tüm Metal on: 0533 8660 392.

To be continued with the end result.

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