We are all thirsty

In the summer it´s nice and warm with many sunny days. Months go by without rain.
We who live here know that we have an abundance of wildlife, with lots of birds, hedgehogs, cute lizards, butterflies, cats and dogs.
During the warm period, they will be happy if we put out water because when it’s not raining, there are not any puddles to drink from. Nor do we have rivers or lakes.
Sure, there are swimming pools, but they are full of chlorine that‘s not perhaps the best. To hang up a water container in a tree is not so difficult, it can be a plastic bowl attached with strings and you fill it up occasionally for lizards and birds.
Just be sure that the water is in the shadow otherwise it will be boiling.
For hedgehogs that come at night you can have a small bowl under some bushes in the corner of the garden. Surely there will also be cats there.
For all the dogs running around, we can put out water off the plot, beside the road or near a deserted area.
We have a tub up at our water source that we fill for all the wild animals, the thirsty, the hares and foxes there, too, although not at the same time I think. It chirps up there from all the birds that come to quench their thirst.
If we have a craftsman home, we offer them the use of water. You never deny someone water here and I think it is the same in all warm countries. If somebody comes and asks for a glass of water at the gate, we don´t invite them but they sure get a glass of water.
AND we do not forget to drink enough ourselves!


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Madeleine has lived in Northern Cyprus for ten years now and is a true nature lover. She lives with her husband on a large plot with stunning sea views with the scenery as their only neighbour. Madeleine is a writer for NCM, and writes interesting articles about health care and beauty. Madeleine is also working at an eye clinic and in the summers she leads training sessions in Water aerobics, an exercise she created herself, where you work out your entire body in the crystal clear Mediterranean Sea. In the future Madeleine will start an organic farm for obtaining guaranteed organic food, as part of the holistic view that a body in balance is a healthy body. If you have any questions for Madeleine, please write to: