Waterrobics with Madde


Each summer, beginning in June, I start the sea gymnastics group. During a fun hour we train the entire body with a lot of exercises specifically made for the ocean’s movements. After training we have coffee and everyone gets a chance to get to know each other.

I have developed a program that, in a gentle way, train your whole body without stressing your joints. Many who reached 60 + level has difficulty performing normal exercise because of eg arthroser, rheumatism, obesity or other conditions that causes pain under load. Training in the sea is a gentle way to do exercise without pain. Salt water makes the body 30% lighter so already there is a profit, and it automatically becomes easier to move. Constant wave action provides both good resistance in the exercises, and practicing balance the mind, without the need to pay special concentration to stay on to your feet, and you don’t hurt yourself if you lose your balance.

This form of exercise is suitable for all ages over 14, it’s a hard workout even though it does not always feel like it in the water. Everyone here is training based on their own ability and strength.

It all started with an older man who had a stroke, he became paralyzed on the left side. I met his wife at the store shortly after it had happened and she told me how her husband was heartbroken over what had happened. I felt that I could probably help this man out cause it was well within the three-month limit for total recovery.

We started with the usual small exercises to get up the ability of the left hand, pick up matches, stand and sit without falling forward and so on. I created a balance board for balance training, muscle training, and gave massages. He became much better, but there were still problems with balance, and he was very sad because he wanted so badly to be able to dance with his wife again.

Then I came up with the idea of the ocean and waves. He was a little skeptical because he was afraid he would fall and not be able to get up without drowning. I borrowed a life jacket to eliminate the panic and so we started. After intensive training at least 2 times a week for 1 year, could he dance again without tripping or falling over, he could even go out and walk the dog, drive smoothly and today no one can guess that he had a stroke or been paralyzed. He is currently 88 years old and has continued to train on his own.

Every summer we train, 2 times per week, right up until autumn storms begin. The training sessions are in Incir plaje in Lapta and in Esentepe.

The cost is about 120 TL / month or 18 TL / time. If you are interested to participate please send an email to madeleine.gergin @ and I’ll contact you.

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Madeleine has lived in Northern Cyprus for ten years now and is a true nature lover. She lives with her husband on a large plot with stunning sea views with the scenery as their only neighbour. Madeleine is a writer for NCM, and writes interesting articles about health care and beauty. Madeleine is also working at an eye clinic and in the summers she leads training sessions in Water aerobics, an exercise she created herself, where you work out your entire body in the crystal clear Mediterranean Sea. In the future Madeleine will start an organic farm for obtaining guaranteed organic food, as part of the holistic view that a body in balance is a healthy body. If you have any questions for Madeleine, please write to: