Water pipeline saga drags on

We are yet to receive a drop of water from the pipeline connecting Cyprus to Turkey, as the dispute over the management of the water drags into another week.

Sources speaking to Turkish daily Hurriyet say that the water being pumped across is simply pouring into the sea.

Turkish officials, however, are claiming that both parties have agreed on the build-operate-transfer model for the system, with the Turkish Water Authorities (DSI) being the authority in this.

The same insiders have said that the water is not being pumped out to sea but into the soil as ‘ground water levels have hit record lows’. They added that when the Turkish Cypriots make a decision, the water is ready to be pumped to the north Nicosia region.

However, reports in the Turkish Cypriot media have said that the Republican Turkish Party (CTP) has rejected this agreement with Turkey, prolonging the crisis further. They have had both support and been attacked for this recent move.

The water crisis broke out when it couldn’t be decided who would collect the bills, with both sides wanting to control it.

The crisis has also created problems in the discussions on the renewal of the existing financial protocol. The protocol also foresaw that the Turkish Cypriots would realise a number of reforms, which they haven’t, according to Turkey.

Water project from Turkey to Cyprus

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