Water levels in reservoirs record low

Last Saturday, reported Hasan Kerem in Cyprus Today that water levels have reached “alarming low levels” although it rained a lot during the past week. Fears of drought have occurred after water levels in 18 reservoirs was measured at under 20 percent. Officials began on Monday to examine whether there has been an increase in water reserves, but say they are still concerned about the situation in which we are already heading into the long, dry summer. The warnings came as Turkish officials confirmed that the “project of the century”, which will transport 75 million cubic meters of water annually from Turkey to northern Cyprus would be ceremonially launched on July 20, instead of March 7, to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the Turkish military intervention. Spokesman for Turkish waterworks, Levent Yıldırım, told Cyprus Today: “It is true that the alarm levels have allowed for several reservoirs in Turkey.” But, he added, “This is more for the reservoirs in the Aegean region and Istanbul Marmara regions. Dragon fountain at Anamur, which has a capacity of 750 million tons, will not be affected and from here, 75 million tons of water to be transported to the TRNC per year, it is about a tenth of the capacity of the pond, so we do not anticipate any problems. “Mr. Yıldırım said that the work has been accelerated to enter the water in a ceremony on July 20.
kapaciteten i dammen

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