Walking to raise awareness

Tomorrow take a stroll down Ledra Street to participate in the Walk of Hope – an event to mark World Endometriosis Day.

This is the first year Cyprus is participating in the event to raise awareness about endometriosis, an incurable disease for women that can potentially cause crippling pain, organ damage, infertility, and other severe and sometimes life-threatening medical consequences if inadequately treated.

The disease causes cells like the ones in the lining of the womb to appear in other parts of the body. It affects all women and girls of childbearing age, regardless of race or ethnicity. With the right treatment, many of the issues caused by the disease can be addressed and the symptoms are made more manageable.

Ledra street

Before the walk informative flyers about endometriosis will be given out, as well as free yellow t-shirts (the colour associated with the disease) and a bag with the event’s logo on it.

The walk, which will be broadcast live, will start from Eleftheria square at 11am, where people of all ages will symbolically march through Ledra and Onasagorou Streets. The organisers also have a number of ‘happenings’ planned along the way.

Be part of this two and a half kilometre walk and join another 60 countries from all over the world who will be speaking up about the disease and supporting women who are suffering from it.

Walk of Hope
A walk to raise awareness about the disease endometriosis. March 20. Eleftherias square, south Nicosia. 11am. Tel: +357-22-797007.

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