Vitamin Bomb to boost immune system

Right now fresh garlic is in abundance, both regular and “English” garlic which is a Giant variant. Why is it called English, I have not successfully got the answers to that yet, but maybe it was the British who introduced the first time here. One clove is as large as an entire normal garlic bulb, but is milder.

Fresh ginger is also plentiful and hot chillies have started to come into season too. Not to mention all the herbs that thrive here.

At this time of year I always do my winter bomb. Incredibly good as a snack to most things and full of utilities such as vitamin C, vitamin A, garlic protective goodness, ginger amazing healing abilities and good taste of herbs and Positive qualities.


Garlic, I prefer giant garlic for flavour (and they are easier to peel)

Fresh chilies



Also add green herbs like, Basil, Oregano, Thyme, or whatever you have available. Even parsley should go well though I have not tried it yet.




Peel the Garlic, Carrots and Ginger and wash with water with the Chillies and herbs and place them on a paper towel so that all the water disappears.

Slice carrots and ginger into thin slices and cut slits in the garlic, the small pieces are not needed here.

Layer all the ingredients in 800gr honey jars until the jar is full.

Take a glass and pour it half full with vinegar, I prefer grape vinegar, but it’s a matter of taste. Mix in a teaspoon of salt (preferably iodine free, iodine discolours the garlic but is harmless) and a teaspoon of honey, blend thoroughly. Pour the mixture into the jar and fill with vinegar. Put the lid on tightly and shake the jar so that all the liquid is mixed. Preserve in a cool dark place for a couple of weeks. It keeps for a long time even after the jar has been opened. Once opened store in the refrigerator.

Have done this for years and have not had a cold or had the flu since I started making my health bomb.


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