Professional and reliable medical testing at Özünlü Laboratory

In need of professional, reliable medical testing?

North Cyprus’s tourists often use their time on the Island to treat themselves to various health and beauty therapies, eye treatments and low priced dentistry. So why not treat yourself to a well needed health check-up at affordable pricing, to minimise the risk of sudden health scares in the future. Vedat Özünlü Laboratory is a private medical laboratory in Nicosia, run by three generations, providing clinical diagnostic services. The Laboratory was first established in 1980 in Nicosia and has since 2011 moved into a new building with modern infrastructure. The licensed clinical laboratory offers services in genetic tests, semen analyses, osteoporosis, hematology, DNA tests, immunology, microbiology, biochemical tests, check-ups and services for pets. Just a single test can provide the information required for prognosis, diagnosis or therapy.

Owner, Vedat Özünlü is a specialist in biochemistry and created the third generation family run business in 1976. He studied in Istanbul and worked in a variety of hospitals, including specialising in London University College Hospital Thalassemia Department. His daughter, Yeşim Özünlü Yücel, is a biologist graduated from Istanbul University and his granddaughter, Büke Yücel, is currently doing her PHD in microbiology at Kent University. The crew at the laboratory are professional and reliable experts in their field of clinical diagnostics. They aim to facilitate aid and healthcare with diagnostic tests, medical planning and inherited predisposition to illness conditions and disease. Locals and tourists have all benefited from the laboratories proficient services and helpful professionals. At Vedat Laboratory they pride themselves on their quick test results, communicative skills and expert interpretation of test results. It is also possible to access your health reports online.

To contact Özünlü Laboratory please email or by calling +90 392 227 51 70.


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