United Colours of Benetton

Benetton multinational styles of products are loved worldwide and the brand has its own identity. It all started in Italy in 1956 by Luciano Benetton and his family who first revolutionized knitwear and later came to offer a wide range of clothing, shoes and accessories for men, women and children of all ages.

Currently, the company produces over 150 million garments and related products per year, delivered to over 6,000 stores in 120 countries.

Benetton has been around for 7 years on main Street in Kyrenia (Hurriyet Cad. No.44). Opening hours are Monday to Saturday 9-19.30 and 11-19.30 on Sundays.

There are a total of 15 Benetton stores in Cyprus, including four stores in Nicosia (see map below)

SHT. Aziz Güner Sk, Lefkosa

19 Makarios Avenue Nicosia

Stavrou 71 Strovolos 2035

Mall of Cyprus, address Shacolas Emporium Park, 3 Verginas Street Nicosia.

Benetton_butik_shop_shopping_Norra_Cypern_north_cyprus Benetton_butik_shop_shopping_Norra_Cypern_north_cyprus_Hurriyet Cad. no.44 GirneBenetton_butik_shop_shopping_Norra_Cypern_north_cyprus_7 Benetton_butik_shop_shopping_Norra_Cypern_north_cyprus_6 Benetton_butik_shop_shopping_Norra_Cypern_north_cyprus_5 Benetton_butik_shop_shopping_Norra_Cypern_north_cyprus_4 Benetton_butik_shop_shopping_Norra_Cypern_north_cyprus_3 Benetton_butik_shop_shopping_Norra_Cypern_north_cyprus_2 Benetton_butik_shop_shopping_Norra_Cypern_north_cyprus_1

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