Two absolutely wonderful migratory birds

I have been honored to know two wonderful girls.
They are what I call the migratory birds, ie they are here seasonally.
Maggie and Tina met down here when they, with their husbands, bought apartments in the same area.
Even when they first met, they felt that they enjoyed working with each other, and I can understand that. Both soft, open, nice girls with a lot of humor. That just can´t be wrong.
I felt the same way when I met them the first time.
Maggie says that when she came here in 2009 it felt so right; she liked it at once and felt at home. Tina expressed similar feelings when she talked to me.
The two met in 2010 and became very good friends. However, as active professional women with their own businesses at home they thought it would be fun to do something other than lying by the pool all day. It can easily get a bit boring in the long run, so they began to discuss.
Maggie is a trained hairdresser and Tina‘s a Skin and Spa terapeut so of course their thoughts went in that direction.
The result was a cozy little place where you
can get really spoiled. It offers skin and nail care, spa treatment and haircut.
It is quiet and comfortable so you can really relax and let the professionals take over.
Yesterday Maggie took care of my crow’s nest of a thatch. It needed both cutting and coloring. I don´t have the eaziest hair when it has its own will and grows while you cut it.
It was wonderful to just sit back and let
Maggie take command without having to sit and verify that it is correct. She tweaked a stylish short hairstyle that is both manageable and still feminine. The color was perfect, just the shade I like. I feel like a new woman, a 10 year younger woman additionally.
My husband thought it was really neat, and it‘s not often he gives compliments!
Can not wait until I get a chance to surrender in Tina’s capable hands. A true Spa treatment is something I long for much and I am firmly of the view that we sometimes have to treat ourselves to become a bit spoiled, it is good for the soul.
The salon is open from April through September. Opening hours are
between the hours. 10:00 to about 17:00. Saturday and Sunday they are closed but obviously the girls will make time for you if you want to look nice for a special occasion.
Time booking is made on tel: 0533 8231196 or: 0533 8805038
The salon is located just before Esentepe, if you come from Girnedirection, in Carrington’s residential area, behind the pharmacy, as seen from the main road.



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