Turtle hatching and hatchling release

July 21September 30

North Cyprus is one of the few turtle nesting areas in the Mediterranean. Every year student volunteers study these animals. Around 60 days after laying, the eggs begin to hatch. The volunteers give any stragglers a hand once the sun starts going down, and you can watch this.
Booking is not necessary, however there is not an excavation every day, and normally not on Sundays. Public excavations will be announced on the turtle blog. You can also call their information line, 0533 879 8533, after 9.30am.

Excavations are open to all and are normally around 6pm, leaving the Goat Shed at 5pm. However, release of the hatchlings will be after the beach is closed and do have to be booked.
Green turtle laying eggs on the beach at night.
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