Turmeric – a wonder of nature

gurkmeja_norra_cypern_halsaTurmeric is an ordinary spice, which we use in curry mixtures and to color rice yellow. In India it´s everyday spice no.1.

It has long been known that turmeric has beneficial health properties, but now it has been, and still are, many research studies on what it is that is so good.

What you have seen is that turmeric contains one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory substances that exist. It has been shown to have better effects than many of the drugs available in the market against arthritis and rheumatism. It was also found that the substance curcumin in turmeric has decreased both tumors and stopped up metastases.

It also appears to work on all types of cancer cells, including the aggressive pancreatic cancer where no treatments have worked in the past.

A recent study showed that curcumin also appears to be efficacious in the treatment of iritis, or iris inflammation, an eye infection that is difficult to heal and come back often. Today iritis is treated with cortisone injections in the eye and anti-inflammatory eye drops. I myself am born with primary juvenile arthritis in the hip, and during my years been treated with various drugs.

However, they have never been really good, the pain has always remained in the background. Now I´m eating turmeric 6 months and I´m basically pain free. Sure, sometimes I have problems, but not with pain, but rather, a small nerve that is sometimes pinched. The days I forget to take my turmeric the pain comes back, but goes away as soon as I start up again.

I take a heaping tablespoon divided by 2 times / day;
I mix it with yogurt as it becomes easier to swallow and tastes better. There are countless other areas that turmeric is good for but everything has not been researched on yet. Definitely recommended to anyone with joint pain to eat the root of this herb. It is, after all, harmless as it is not shown to have any side effects, but can do so much good in the body.

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