Apply for property replacement

A bill is being prepared to allow Turkish Cypriots to apply for compensation from the property Commission for properties abandoned in the south, reports the Turkish Cypriot Yeni Duzen. Prime Minister Ozkan Yorgancioglu has said that a legal arrangement will allow applications in the near future.

But when asked what would happen to those who had received the same scores for properties abandoned in the south, but so far not been able to get any property replacementproperty to the north of these points, the Prime Minister said that while the negotiations on Cyprus is still ongoing, it is wrong to distribute such property . He added that his government’s goal is to allow the Turkish Cypriots, who left the property to the south and could not get anything in return to the north, turning to the property Commission. “We are considering such funds for those who have not received credit, and its counterpart, or anything else,” he commented.

He added that “if a Turkish Cypriot agree with a Greek Cypriot, in person or over property compensation, the Commission on the issue of exchange of property, the Greek Cypriot administration not to oppose it, because the exchange is currently being implemented through property replacement Commission. We are still finalizing the draft law and we will present it to the Assembly soon. ”

The property Commission has paid a total of 133 million British pounds in exchange for 8 million 853 thousand square meters of Greek Cypriot land left on the northern part of Cyprus.

According to reporter Bertuğ Topal for Havadis Journal, has the Commission property in north Cyprus, made a compensation payment and bought Greek Cypriot properties in 409 cases out of 544 applications. The Greek Cypriot applications to the Commission saw a strong increase in the years 2012-2013 due to the economic crisis.

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