Turkish Cypriot Mufti extends Christmas wishes

Religious leaders of Cyprus

The Mufti of the Turkish Cypriots Dr Talip Atalay, extended his Christmas wishes to Christians in Cyprus on Saturday and called for peace, mutual understanding and mutual respect on the island.

“We Muslims celebrated on December 12 the birth of our Prophet and the world of Christianity celebrates these days the birth of Jesus Christ,” the message said, which was circulated in Greek.

The Mufti extended his wishes to all Christians.

“In this period, remaining faithful to the messages of the Prophet Muhammad and Jesus Christ, we should work together to ensure peace, mutual understanding and respect; values that will give us the opportunity to live in peace in our region and in the world with respect to the faith of every person”.

Our common goal, Atalay said, “is to silence the cry of all people, especially of children, mothers and the elderly, regardless of their ethnic origin and their faith”.

“These days you have to remember that prayer is not enough to achieve this goal. These days we have the historical responsibility and obligation to translate into practice our wishes, with the hope that we will stand up to the challenge”.

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