Tulip Festival

Tulip Festival 2017

Every spring, a few select Cypriot landscapes burst into colour, as the seasonal Tulipia Cypria tulips blossom and transform surrounding fields and hills into brilliant blankets of red petals.

What: Tulip Festival
When: Saturday, 18 March and Sunday, 19 March
Where: Tepebaşı, Kyrenia

Tulipia Cypria is an endemic endangered wild species, found only in North Cyprus, near the villages of Tepebaşı in Kyrenia, and Avtepe, in the Karpaz region.

In March every year, the village of Tepebaşı hosts a dedicated Tulip festival in celebration of this spectacular natural phenomenon.

The Tulip Festival – organised by the Tepebaşı Culture, Art and Environment Protection Association (Tepder) – will feature music performances, folk dancing, concerts and Tulip conducted walks to the clustered areas of these beautiful wild flowers. This year the festival will begin at 10am on March 18 and will run until 6pm the following day.

The programme of events will also include a trek through nature to admire these beautiful flowers and see how they light up the landscape with their vibrant hues. The walk is expected to start at 7.30am on March 19, and the meeting place will be the the junction of Akdeniz-Yorgoz-Tepebaşı. In the festival area there will be stands which will be selling local foods and craftwork.

The event is free and visitors travelling from further afield can find various accommodation in the hotels around Lapta. For more information visit the festival’s Facebook page at Lale Festivali / Tulip Festival.

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