Tribute to the Japanese Butoh Performer Masaki Iwana

Tribute Japanese Butoh Performer Masaki Iwana

ARTos Foundation presents the internationally renowned Japanese Butoh dancer, Masaki Iwana for the first time in Cyprus, for two nights, on June 7 and 8.

What: Tribute to the Japanese Butoh Performer Masaki Iwana
When: Wednesday, 07 June and Thursday, 08 June
Where: ARTos Cultural and Research Foundation, 64 Ayion Omoloyiton Avenue, south Nicosia.

The programme will include a screening of Masaki Iwana’s first feature film ‘Vermilion Souls’, in the presence of the director on June 7 at 8pm. Set in Tokyo seven years after the end of WWII, this surreal story revolves around the dreams and realities of a young boy who strays into a strange mansion. Confined inside are four adults suffering from an incurable disease which prevents them from having exposure to the sun. The four adults have been anxious to die, waiting for the day when the government orders their gas release.

The film is about the skill of life that dares to live death, the underlying concept of Butoh since its inception 50 years ago. Through this drama Iwana shows that life becomes true only when one is conscious of death in life. The cast includes some renowned Butoh dancers with distinctive styles from both Japan and Europe.

On June 8 at 9pm, Iwana will perform ‘The Lifetime of Lady Boy Ivan Ilyich’. The performance deals with those who are discriminated as sexual minorities, and those who have arrogance and honour because of beauty.

Iwana will also offer a Butoh workshop from June 10-15 in the framework of the Summer Theater Academy, in Platres. The cost for attending the workshop is €150.

The screening on June 7 costs €7, while the performance on June 8 costs €15. Tickets for both days cost €20. For more information call +35722445456.

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