Town centre to be ‘transformed’

İskele town centre is to be “transformed” under a 700,000TL market and land scaping scheme inspired by a film shot there. Cyprus Today reported in January that officials had been impressed by the dressing of the town’s Şehit Davut Sadik Sokak as a 1950s Istanbul suburb – dotted with cafés and shops selling items from ornaments rugs, clothes and baskets to furniture – for the $4 million Recep Tayyip Erdoğan biopic, Reis.

On Wednesday, mayor Hasan Sadıkoğlu and his team unveiled plans to preserve the authentic atmosphere with a revamp that will also take in the market area on Dr Fazıl Küçük Caddesi, Şafak Sokak, Helvacıoğlu Sokak and Dr Orhan Müderrisoğlu Sokak.

“Our objective is to make the town centre an attractive place to visit. The project, designed by architects and technicians of Iskele itself, will cover 5,000m2, with landscaping and block paving,” said a statement, which added that the scheme would also include new drainage and infrastructure

Mr Sadıkoğlu said: “Ever since coming to office, we have brainstormed with our councillors on how we can improve Iskele and make the town authentic, attractive, and unique. This is possibly the first project of its kind to continue the legacy left by a film set to preserve the authentic and historically rich town.”

The mayor said they were now seeking the views of İskele’s residents and shop keepers “so that the project can come to life with [their] input”.

“If there are parts of the project you do like or want changed, please tell us now.” Architect Hüseyin Öztörel added: “The people of İskele have always complained that they do not have a proper market area. We want for such a market to come to life. We want our shop owners to prosper, for economic activity to increase, to make the area very pleasant to walk in – to add to the unique texture and make the town attractive for tourism, and for Cyprus as a whole.”

İskele new town centre

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