Top marks for ESK Students

International Baccalaureate (IB) and IGCSE students at The English School of Kyrenia (ESK) have surpassed last year’s success with higher than global or UK national averages.

Five IB students scored over 35, against the global average of 30, by winning top marks – a “perfect seven” – in a range of subjects. The results rank ESK 33rd against the 80 UK schools offering the IB diploma programme and would put it within the top 11 per cent of UK independent secondary schools for IGCSE and GCSE.

A spokesman for the school said six of this year’s graduates had entered a national selection process and all had won EU scholarships of 15,000 euros to attend UK universities, netting almost 20 per cent of the available awards across Cyprus.

In total, 40 per cent of graduates have now gone to top ranking UK universities,
or their equivalents worldwide, of which 94 per cent directly entered honours programmes.

Students cited for attainment were Derin Eralp, IB top scorer with 39 and a perfect score for English, Selin Onek with 36 and “perfect sevens” in three subjects and Evrensel Sebep with 35, all of whom won EU funding alongside Mustafa Mustafa, Toya Mehmet and Miriam Marancos.

Gizem Ahmet Raşit scored an IB total of 38, with “perfect sevens” in physics and Turkish, while Ecem Sinay scored 36 and top marks in visual arts. IGCSE/GCSE top student was Kaan Ibrahim with an average of 76 and 10 passes, seven at A* grade, two As and one B.

Fellow students mentioned for attainment were Poppy Hall with an average of 74 and 10 passes, five at A* grade, four As and one B, and Cecilie Nielsen with 11 passes who also scored an average of 74. Tolga Atun, Holly Cartwright and Noah Swanson all attained A*, A and B grades in 10 subjects; Günsel Recaioğlu, Matan Ben Dek and Doğa Bulakbaşı in nine subjects and Ayla Rose Say reached A* grade in seven of her nine passes.

The spokesman expressed pride in the diversity of graduates and compared year groups to ever larger waves breaking on the shore in a culture of growing aspiration and success.


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