Tire workshop in Alsancak

Lastik in Alsancak – Helped me with inflating and repairing my bikes tires at their workshop

I recently rented out my bikes, but when I took them off from the bike rack where they have stood untouched since last spring it turned out that there was not an ounce of air in the tires. Luckily, I had previously bought two compressors, so I confidently plugged it into my bus (minivan) and clasped the other end into the tire, knocked on the compressor and nothing happened!

None of the total of three compressors I had worked so it was then time for plan B. I went down to “my” tire workshop in the village and they immediately took care of my bikes. Two of them had to have the inner-tubes replaced and repaired. I only have enough room for two bikes at a time in the bus so I went back and forth between the tire workshop and home to swap bikes so he could work through them.

The owner, Mustafa, runs the workshop and doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty. He also has a service truck that he takes out for emergencies, in case you have a flat tire while on the road and he is also qualified to repair and replace exhausts.

Opening hours are weekdays from 7:30 to 18:00, Saturdays 7:30 to 18:00 and Sundays 9:00 to 15:00.

For other times and in emergencies, please ring Mustafa or his employees on tel: 0533 862 5603 or office: 0392 821 3322

His tire workshop, or as it is called in Turkish, Mertkol lastik service is located on the main road in Alsancak on the left side if you are coming from Girne, next to a flower shop, before the second Starling supermarket.

norra cypern bil verkstad

norra cypern bil verkstad

norra cypern bil verkstad

norra cypern bil verkstad

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