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We become more and more Scandinavians that buy homes in North Cyprus. After buying a house the next natural step is usually to buy a car. For although it is never far from the nearest beach, it’s always nice to be able to get around in an air conditioned vehicle. Tiga Trading, a distributor of Japanese car brands like Nissan and Honda is among the most popular car dealers amongst northerners that have moved here. We visited their premises outside Nicosia to hear what distinguishes them from other car salesmen in North Cyprus.

Ufuk Taşkıran and Özner Ağıt greet us in the large showroom. Brightly polished cars in different colours are nicely lined up and reflect the afternoon light that shines in through the large glass windows. We sit down at Ufuk’s desk and he starts to talk about how Tiga was created. “The company was established in 2009, by me and Özner who is my brother in law. We came from different walks of life and we made a perfect match. I had been in the car business for 21 years, and had for a long time been involved in trading with Japan. We did not want the company to become a replica of other car dealers in North Cyprus, so we made it totally different. We did not just think about selling cars, we started focusing more on the importance of having after-sales and after-care, and long term relationships and continuing business with our clients. Today we are known for always providing top quality service and personal attention to all our clients, backed up by a professional team.”

Tiga trading cars north cyprus
Özner Ağıt and Ufuk Taşkıran.

The long-term relationship in particular is something that foreign customers appreciate and feel safe with. Tiga has many regular customers that are satisfied with the personal and prompt service. Extra services offered to customers include:

– Off parking:
Rather than parking at Ercan Airport, car owners can park their car at Tiga Trading that provides free transfer from and to the airport. While the owner is away Tiga Trading makes sure that the car is maintained and looked after. When the owner comes back to Cyprus the car is ready to go.
– Courtesy car:
When the car is in for maintenance, Tiga provides the car owner with a courtesy car meanwhile their car is being serviced.
– Delivery to the door:
Customers do not have to come to Tiga to get serviced. Staff member meets them at their front door and swop to the courtesy car. This service is very popular with customers.
– Mechanic service and repairs with diagnostics, body repair and paint workshop.
– Trade in Cars:
If customers ever wish to upgrade their car to a new car, they can come back to Tiga Trading to do that.
– Warranty:
Tiga offers a five year warranty which is very unusual for Cyprus. They will cover all costs in case of any problems with the engine or gear box of the purchased car.
– Insurance services
– Tiga also offers financial opportunities if needed.

”All these above mentioned services is to provide extra care for our clients, so they can feel confident that their car is always in good hands. We always do our very best to bring quality into peoples lives,” Ufuk says.

Tiga trading cars north cyprus

Tiga has brought a lot of new products and excitement to the North Cyprus market. For example they were the first ones to launch and bring in the popular car Nissan Juke. Tiga’s cars come from the Japanese market and the brands are Nissan, Toyota, Mazda, Honda, Suzuki och Subaru.

Latest years Ufuk has seen an increase in Scandinavian customers. He finds Scandinavians to be extremely polite people and very easy to talk to. Only last week he had two Swedish couples that came in during the day and they each bought a car. ”Scandinavian and English people are very loyal, and also unforgiving when it comes to not meeting their expectations and delivering our promises, and we are very attentive to meet all their expectations.”

Two of Tiga’s sellers, Anton Ustinov from Russia and Bob Gregory from England, focus solely on their respective markets, to make sure all customers feel confident with both languages and service. Bob has extensive experience in the car industry and has worked with car sales for forty years. “All customers have different needs, my job is to guide them to the right car,” says Bob. “I mainly take care of the British and Scandinavian customers and they are usually familiar with the manual gearbox, but here in Cyprus I usually recommend that they choose a car with automatic gearbox because it helps when you go on Cyprus’ steep mountain roads.”

Ufuks daughter Şebnem works as the company’s accountant and with advertising. She notices that Tiga in many ways stands out amongst car dealers in Cyprus. ”The difference is, what we would like to think, the fact that we care. From our smallest customers to our biggest, they all deserve the best respect and service we can give them.”

Tiga trading cars north cyprus
Şebnem Taşkıran.

Ufuk agrees and adds: We welcome all Scandinavian and British people who chose to come to North Cyprus. We would like to wish them an extremely happy stay and if they feel that they are anywhere in terms of buying or maintaining a car, they can come to us. We want to offer Scandinavian and British clients our standard of service and after-care, which is what they are used to having in their own home countries.”

Clients who purchase a car from Tiga Trading, saying they have read this article in New Cyprus Magazine, will be given a valuable gift from Tiga.


Phone: +90 (392) 232 48 48 – 49

Tiga trading cars north cyprus
Many recognise Tiga Trading’s logo, a tiger.
Tiga trading cars north cyprus
Serkan Birer, Şebnem Taşkıran and Bora Ağıt guide clients to the right car.

Tiga trading cars north cyprus

Tiga trading cars north cyprus

Tiga trading cars north cyprus
Tiga has a large courtyard full of cars.
Tiga trading cars north cyprus
Bob Gregory has extensive experience in cars.
Tiga trading cars north cyprus
Anton Ustinov works with the Russian market.
Tiga trading cars north cyprus
On our tour of Tiga, we meet these two happy women who just bought a car.

Tiga trading cars north cyprus

Tiga trading cars north cyprus

Tiga trading cars north cyprus
Tiga Trading provides full service when it comes to maintenance and repairs.


Tiga trading cars north cyprus
It has a large car wash.

Tiga trading cars north cyprus


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