Thrust in tourism in North Cyprus

In evaluating the new process for permanent solution for the island, and the impact on tourism, State Secretary of Tourism Minister, Sahap Aşıkoğlusaid there will be a sudden increase in tourism. Aşıkoğlu said that the fact that the political risk will decrease a result of any permanent solution on the island, tourism will directly be affected positively by the stock of foreign capital to the island.
In his speech, Aşıkoğlu said: “Like all other countries, Northern Cyprus is also affected by the economic crisis in the world and are constantly looking for social and economic viability. Particular,  intensive efforts were made to develop different strategies to reverse the economic and social imbalances around the Mediterranean into an advantage. Northern Cyprus has developed a thrust in tourism, since 2009, by increasing the number of markets from 2-23.
With the addition of Scandinavian countries sending tourists to Northern Cyprus all the desired markets have been reached and objectives have been achieved., We are experiencing a serious increase in the number of tourists, especially from European countries such as Holland, Germany, England, Denmark and France. Increase in the total number of tourists have created 100% success. Profits from tourism increased from $ 420 million to $ 680 million and the tourism industry has grown 10% in the general economy for the first time.
“Recently, through north and south of Cyprus’ accession to the peace process, it is often discussed how tourism will be affected. In the short term, 1-3 years, is not expected to significantly increase, as the hotels already running high occupancy during 6-7 months of the year. Additionally, factors such as new hotel investment and the start of direct flights and completion of unfinished hotel projects that are activated leading to a growth and a partial growth of the economic benefits derived from tourism., the real effect will be on approx 4-7 years .
Foreign capital goes in creating high profit and then tourism in Cyprus turn seriously and it will create a significant increase in the number of tourists. Growth will slow in the long term, 8 + years.
With the arrival of peace to the island, it is inevitable that there will be an increase in the number of tourists in Northern Cyprus for a short time and in three years the number of tourists increased to 2 million. Given the potential of the island, and the political risk factor decreases, especially foreign capital to get here quickly with a view to profit.
This is a great chance for this thrust is handled properly by the State and Governments. Otherwise, just as in the period of the Annan plan, we allow only a development of the island in the wrong way.


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