Thousands raised for cats and dogs

Volunteers raised some 3,000TL to help homeless dogs and cats with two separate charity events in Girne and Gazimağusa.

Thousands raised cats dogs

A sale in Girne’s Ramadan Cemil Square brought in approximately 900TL to help care for abandoned and stray animals in the town while some 35 volunteers also made animal shelters. The sale was organised by members of the Cyprus Animal Rights Association, students from 19 Mayıs Turk Maarif College (Gazimağusa-TMK) and Girne American University (GAU).

The association thanked the volunteers for their involvement and also surrounding cafes and bars which provided free refreshments.

Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü, who visited the sale, expressed municipality support for the community initiative.

A second charity event raised approximately 2,000TL through the sale of second-hand books, with all proceeds going to help some 500 animals in the Gazimağusa Municipal shelter.

The books were all sold “within a few hours” said a spokesperson for organisers the Gazimağusa Development Academy.

Gazimağusa Mayor İsmail Arter, who was present at the event on İsmet İnönü Boulevard, thanked the academy for assuming responsibility for the animal charity sale as part of his municipality’s social responsibility scheme.

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