Thoughts about Christmas

I sit and take a morning coffee break and the rain pours down as if the heavens have opened. I have lit candles and there is sweet music coming from the CD player. I obviously play Christmas music. Fire in the fireplace crackles cosily and Christmas porridge simmers on the stove. The dogs are sleeping scattered on the bed next to me and on the couch.

So here at Christmas, I cannot help but think how hysterical it has been in Sweden and other developed countries, buying Christmas presents for each other and especially for the children.

Today you have kids with so many toys and technological gadgets. Do they appreciate all they get, or do they take it for granted? I wonder really how many children know why we celebrate Christmas?

Some parents suppress their poor self-esteem by borrowing money to give the children the things they think they need, or just want to have, because everyone else has them.

Christmas is, whether one is religious or not, a gathering and perhaps the only time of year that people still take the time to meet.

People become more bountiful, after all it is Christmas, and donate some money to various charities. I always marvel at why they do not give to these organizations all year round?

Many are increasingly choosing not to celebrate Christmas in Sweden and save all year to be able to treat themselves and their family to celebrate Christmas abroad, away from all the stress.

What could be better than to come to North Cyprus to celebrate the feast?

I remember when I, many years ago, came here on Christmas Eve and the mayor invited all the foreigners to a cocktail party at the Dome hotel. There they sat at the time, all the fine old English gentleman (all aged around 80 and older) lined up, dressed in a suits and with shiny medals they had received for their efforts during the war. We were not so many foreigners at the time, they were the days!

Today it is a bit different; The Mayor still invites us today to the cocktail party but nowadays it is without alcohol and is held outside in a park with different performances, not nearly as nice and cosy as it once was.

Well, it was not meant to be a melancholic letter; it is after all Christmas again, with all the positivity it means for most of us.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year I wish all the readers!


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