The Wild Duck; a genuine family restaurant

The Wild Duck is a family-run, cosy restaurant and bar the_wild_duck_norra_cypern_magasinet_5in Lapta owned by English/Cypriot husband and wife Emma and Aziz Elmaz. Everyone in the family help to create a fantastic atmosphere and a well-run restaurant that caters for people from all walks of life.

Emma and Aziz Elmaz bought the land fifteen years, and the project took nearly eight years to complete. Aziz is an experienced builder and carpenter and built the place almost entirely himself. They opened the doors on 13th July 2013.

The name Wild Duck came from the family’s five-year-old niece. The place is family friendly so families can come and have a lovely meal and the kids can play on the swings and slides in a safe and friendly environment.


They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and the food is varied, Turkish, English and vegetarian dishes at reasonable prices. They also organize birthday parties and wedding receptions and other events. On May 25th is the Charity and consciousness day for KAV (The Cancer Research Association), starting 13:00.

For more information or for booking a table please call:

Emma: 0533 831 7020

Aziz: 0533 863 0302

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